Warm up:  Two laps around the lot and ladder drills.

The Thang:

Indian run while passing a 20lb slam ball along the pax, back man would sprint to the front with the ball.  Everyone got a turn and some got two.

Cones were set up at 4 levels and Pax adopted a rock. Q called out an exercise and the pax sprinted to each level and performed n=5 reps of the exercise.  Rocks were carried or used for certain exercises.  Merkins, Air Squats, Curls, Get ups, Body Shakers, Hand Release Merkins.  Q called out a random static exercise to hold to wait for the 6.  Following hand release merkins, Pax went on a recovery run.


WWIIs (25), Heels to Heavens (50), Flutter Kicks (30, I think, I can’t remember)