We are grateful. Grateful for those leaders among us and the opportunities to push ourselves down each other. Some are even grateful to wear silly Thanksgiving themed hats or outfits. Others are grateful to be pushing strollers with 2.0’s. Some are grateful to be running with 2.0’s. We are all grateful to be alive and live in this wonderful place we call home.

If you are in Raleigh on Thanksgiving Day, registration is now open for the 2017 Ridgewood Shopping Center Turkey Trot. The event is on Thursday, November 23rd at 0800. This event has sold out for the past six years, so don’t delay in registering.

Use the link to sign up today, we have a group registry F3 Raleigh. Tony Robbins and YHC (Swirly) are your co-site Q’s; hopefully TR won’t “sleep in” this year. Please feel free to text him the night before as a gentle reminder to set his alarm.

PAX will assemble near the SECU CashPoints ATM in Ridgewood Shopping Center around 7:45am for those HH participants near Ridgewood Beer & Wine.