Warm up – 20 each
Good morning
Side Shuffle Hop
Mountain Climbers
Ski Abs

The Thang
Run to the hill beside Our Lady of Lourdes

Jacob’s Ladder: Merkins at the top, run back and do Prisoner Squats at the bottom. Plank until everyone is done.

25 Merkins / 5 Prisoner Squats
20 Merkins / 10 Prisoner Squats
15 Merkins / 15 Prisoner Squats
10 Merkins / 20 Prisoner Squats
5 Merkins / 25 Prisoner Squats

Indian Run to side field next to the soccer field

Spread out and sprint to the each end for the exercise

Set 1: Sprint with 25 American Hammers
Set 2: Sprint with 25 Carolina Dry Docks
Set 3: Sprint with 25 LBC’s
Set 4: Sprint with 25 Monkey Humpers
Set 5: Sprint with 25 WWII Situps
Set 6: Sprint with 25 Burpees OYO

Indian Run back and plank

25 Burpees

Mary (called out by PAX)
20 LBC’s
20 Flutters
20 Makhtar Ndiaye’s

The Arena is tomorrow at 7a, Countrywide is the Q
Fannie is the Q at Pullen
Happy Hour tonight at 5pm, Ridgewood Wine and Beer

Prayer requests
Season Salt and his daughters / family

Honey Do is sitting on a bag of peas all weekend and something was mentioned about a Sweaty Brazilian Wax.