13 strong came out in 12 degree weather to see just what all the fuss was all about. YHC didn’t think there would be more than 6 and had planned on a lower number, but was pleasantly surprised to see a strong group of strapping young lads ready to go, no matter the weather.

Warm up: Jog down past the usual spot on the corner for the friendly confines of the Town of Cary parking deck. YHC seems to like this structure and finds it almost like a 2nd home on most of his Q’s. Circle up- 20x Imperial Walkers, 20x SSH, 20x, Mountain Climbers.

The Thang: Jog around and up the 3 levels of the deck to the top. Group into 1’s and 2’s. Each group is assigned to one of the 2 stairwells and perform the same exercises. Jog down the 3 flights of stairs to start and back up, at each level perform 1 merkein at 1st level, 1 prisoner squat at 2nd level, 1 burpee at top level. Back down and then back up increasing the count by 1 to each level/activity. repeat until you get to 6 counts of each. Return to group and plank a rama around the group each man with a 10 count.

Indian jog back down the deck. Circle up. Jack Webb’s with a 1:3 ratio up to a 7 count. Partner up for plank/back derkeins x 15, flapjack. Bearcrawl to middle of deck and sprint back, while partner maintains 6 inch leg hold, flapjack. Back to plank/ back derkeins x 12, flapjack. Jog to low wall and dips x 15, dips x 12. Jog back to church.

Mary: Russian hammers x 20, Burt led plankjacks x 25, LBC’s x 20.

COT: Namearama, and prayers for McCants whose grandfather passed away, and Sabans wife undergoing some medical testing.

Always a privilege and honor to be a part of this group. Great work men.