YHC did some research on Christmas themed workouts. Remember to always check out previous back blasts online, the lexicon, and the F3 website for exercise ideas. Several guys have started to HC for the Blue ridge JOCO team and YHC is pumped to see how we can each push each other to another level.

YHC decided to get some extra miles in prior to Mad Mule and with the trusty stun gun in the pocket…stun gun on safety to protect the family jewels YHC went on a short trek.  Cars started to pile in and mumble chatter continued to rise especially when 2.0s Newton and PB (Pretty Boy) turned up for another beatdown.

Warm up: SSH, Butt kickers, high knees, cotton pickers each in cadence 15x.

The Thang: 12 Days of Christmas F3 style!
Day 1: 1 lap of the parking lot
Day 2: Burpees
Day 3: Merkins
Day 4: Amercian Hammer
Day 5: Lunges
Day 6: Plank jacks
Day 7: Mountain Climbers
Day 8: Hallelujahs
Day 9: LBCs
Day 10:Squats
Day 11: SSH
Day 12: Carolina Dry Docks

As you may expect the order was Day 1, Day 1 and 2, Day 1,2, and 3, etc. The Pax waited for the six each round.  Newton and PB pushed us all to sprint during the lap in the parking lot. Everybody took turns calling cadence and calling the up or down. Those 2.0s are starting to find their outdoor voice.

Indian Run around the park with PAX tight and sprint to the front.

Partner Pull up: 5 each with help as needed and mosey to sidewalk 25 yards away for 12 Squats,  repeat 3 rounds and AL GORE for the six.

Plamarama after mosey back to the shelter.

12 days of Christmas after party!
12 reps each on the down call by each of the PAX:
Foot release squats
Derkins (Merkin or Irken for modification)
Step up left foot
Step up right foot

in cadence 15x:  6 inches, Freddy Mercury, LBCs, Heels to heaven,

Ben, prayers for Stretches M and unknown diagnosis, prayers for blood sports move, Friend of many Wendy committed suicide prayers for family, Prayers for Burn outs family spreading germs.

YHC has enjoyed seeing the PAX getting stronger, faster, pushing each other. Everybody should push themselves to their own near maximum limit. You know your body and know your limitations, listen to it and be careful. YHC definitely suggest borrowing a copy of the the G3 freed to lead books. One concept is that we are all climbing a mountain just at different speeds or pace but that we never reach a plateau where we can let our guard and Looking to get a EH on my Ms coworker who in his low 40’s had his first heart attack.