That was what we heard more times than we wanted today.  You know it’s a hard workout when the QIC begins to dry heave due to exhaustion!  Superstar took the lead at the young age of 11 and dominated Juggernaut this morning.


Warm up – SSH X 30, Sir Fazio front and back X 20, 11 burpees oyo, 20 Merkins single count, 20 mtn climbers.

Mosey to playground and partner up.  Partner 1 does 11 burpees, partner 2 11 pull ups.  Flap jack.

Bear crawl around the playground – we’re sweating at this point!

Mosey to the baseball field – partner 1 peoples chair, partner 2 sprint to outfield fence and back. Flap Jack.  Then same thing with balls to the wall.

To the parking lot for a set of 7’s with ww2 sit ups and merkins.

Mosey to the rock pile for curls, tricep press, 11 burpees oyo, bent over rows, and rock squat presses.

Up the hill to the field for a set of sevens – burpees and merkins.

Through the woods and down the far hill and back to the picnic area for an 11 count of peoples chair from left to right.

Back to the parking lot for american hammers (Superstar’s favorite) X 50.  DONE.  Finally.

Announcements – Healing Transitions meal on Tuesday at 4:30 – all welcomed.

Superstar encouraged us to follow the Golden Rule (something he’s been praying about lately) to be an encouragement for those around us.  Grady prayed us out.


I have to say that it was especially touching to see my son step up to lead in this way.  It was completely his initiative and effort and it’s so cool to see how God is shaping him.  He’s definitely influenced by all the pax who show up and have character and perseverance amidst life’s trials.  Thank you for letting my little buddy come along for the ride, gentlemen.  I hope more of the 2.0’s will join us.  Great way to build leadership among our young men.