The Gloom was not as treacherous as the fine weathering types predicted. 7 mighty PAX made it out to the weekly installment of GnP. YHC had just pulled into the parking spot, when a normally late comer flew in on two wheels. Apparently, for Tardy, it is perfectly fine acceptable nature to drive like Burt Reynolds, late or not. For the first time in the short, but to be long-lived, history of GnP all of the PAX were present with much time to spare. SF planted. Laces tied. Off the PAX went.

Jog around school to back of school/stadium parking lot. On the way – high knees, butt-kickers, and a short acceleration.

Warm-Up: Huffy

  • Windmills x20, SSH x15, Mountain climbers x15, Merkins x15, Alternating shoulder taps x15

The Thang: Mr Hand

  • Dirty McDeuce: 4 sets of 3 exercises in cadence to 12 count. Bear crawls and crab walks out to line with a run back between sets.
    1. Merkins, LBCs, Prisoner Squats
    2. Diamond merkins, Peter Parkers, Alternating lunges
    3. Carolina dry docks, reverse LBCs, Jump ups (oyo)
    4. Merkins, box cutters, prisoner squats
  • Plankorama: highplank, right hand and leg up, regular, left hand and leg up, regular, chilcutt hold (Q’s timing), peter chilcutts
  • Ten Rounds with Tyson: 300 reps total
    1. merkins
    2. prisoner squats
    3. monkey humpers
    4. Wide grip merkins
    5. Diamond merkins
    6. WWII situps
    7. Right leg lunges
    8. Left leg lunges
    9. Star Jumps (too much conversation during lunges)
    10. Burpess (Fluoride’s fault, YHC was going to call merkins #yeahright)

Mary: Huffy

  • LBC’s x20
  • reverse LBC’s x20
  • Chilcutt plank (10 count around the circle. Fluoride is a comedian. Yosef knows too much math)


  • Prayers for a friend of Yosef: a young lady, 28 weeks pregnant, and having major health concerns. Doctor’s are probably going to take baby Ford early. Prayers for the Mom and baby Ford.
  • Not mentioned this morning: but keep Gower in your prayers. It is a special need.
  • “You become, what you behold.” #Iam3rd Behold God and His glory, and your life will exhibit His character. Behold your M’s and kids, and you will continually find new ways to love them and show it. Finally, take care of yourself, so that you can be the man you need to be for all of those around you.
  • Fluoride took us out….twice.


  • Here in the new year, the GnP workouts have stepped up the brutality. Yosef’s ground game last week whipped the PAX core strength. This week all of the PAX fought hard with Tyson and the McDeuce (tclaps to Chong and Fungo for the introduction). GnP may not run as much as some of the other AO’s, but it will suck.
  • Tclaps to Huffy for swallowing the Pill and leading Warm-up and Mary. Well Done. More to come
  • Tclaps to Yosef for keeping YHC honest during COT. YHC forgot to ask for prayer requests, as I have done before. Fluoride immediately called for prayer #2. YHC has made a mental note to not forget this ever again. #isi
  • Post F3 workouts, YHC can clean up, lay back down, and go right back to sleep until the 2.0s and the M awaken. Makes one wonder if the trip to the gloom is a dream. If a man is sharpened by his brothers, it is a dream worth having.
  • For Huffy and YHC, it was an honor to serve today.