Last work out of the year so YHC wanted to make sure the PAX got their money’s ¬†worth. 14 men showed up ready to go. Franzia was already asking for the parking deck to keep warm. It would help if he wore gloves but then again it was only 30 degrees. Here’s what we did:


Jog loop up the street and back through the parking log.

Circle up for SSH x 20, IW x 10, mountain climbers x 20, GM x 10.

The Thang

Partner up. Running the same loop as the warm-up, partners go in different directions. When they meet, do partner clap merkins x 10, knee ups x 10. Go up by 2 each every time you meet. This went for approx. 10 minutes and the PAX finished at 18 partner clap merkins & 18 knee ups. (10-12-14-16-18)

Mosey over to the bank parking lot.

Partner up. Running in opposite directions, do burpees x 2 everytime you meet your partner. This went for 15 minutes and finished at 14 burpees. (2-4-6-8-10-12-14). Suck factor was pretty high at this point.

Mosey across the street to the uphill parking lot.

The Beast – 6 exercises, 6 stations, 6 reps each. 36 reps each exercises.

Exercises were: merkins, sumo squats, LBC, spiderman merkins, air squats, burpees.

Run back towards the start for some shoulder work.

Line up on line. Sir Fazio arm circles x 15

Bear crawl forward (15 yards), nipplers x 15, Reverse bear crawl back

Bear crawl forward, swiss merkins x 15, reverse bear crawl back

Bear crawl forward, plank jacks x 15, reverse bear crawl back

bear crawl forward, CDD x 15, reverse bear crawl back

Mosey back to the start for some Mary


LBC x 15, Freddie mercury x 15, Homer to marge x 15, American hammer x 15

Plank 10 count, R arm high 10 count, plank 10 count, L arm high 10 count, low plank hold 10 count, Plank 10 count, chilcutt 10 count, Chilcutt peter parker x 10, Plank 10 count, plank peter parkers x 10.

plank to squat… a lot.

have a nice day… we earned it this morning….. done.

Baby Farley took us out.

Announcements – see website. New years convergence 7am @ Pullen park

Prayer requests – lots were spoken today. Pray for health and healing for those suffering.

Great work today, men.

Always a pleasure.