The call for Hi-Fidelity went out on the Twitter-verse on Monday as usual. However, YHC has been anxious to get a full set of 10 x Yasso800s in during the City of Oaks Half Marathon ramp up. However, the MATH dictates that this requires extra credit time to fit in before breakfast. CK and Mr. Hand joined YHC at 5:15a for a set of 5-800s before the bulk of the Pax arrived. While we were circling the track for Extra Credit, we happened upon a tall member of the Pax, with recognizable short strides and tight arm swing – Au Pair was here for his own extra credit (an additional mile-and-a-half) before he took on the task of gathering the remaining Pax, assembling them for warm-up, and leading them through the first 10 minutes.

After 2 warm-up laps, and a fine set of Good Mornings, Wind Mills, and Imperial Walkers, Au Pair turned the Pax of 13 over to YHC for explanation of the Workout of the Day.

Yasso800s are 800m repeats at T-pace (threshold) followed by a recovery jog for the same time (we targeted 600m recovery). The goal was to get 5 or 6 repeats in before time is called. Molasses and Vila led the front group with 3:00 (and below) 800s. A second group held steady at 3:15 – 3:20 repeats, and a final group was at 3:40.

Great work by all as we put in a strong effort today. It is great to see the Pax continue to get stronger and FASTER


Next Quarterly Mile Test is set for 11/18. Be at Hi-Fi to #findyourgears.

T-claps to those participating in Extra Credit. Nice to have company for my early morning escapades. 10xYasso 800s were accomplished. 9 miles total run for YHC.

T-claps also to the Butcher for making his second F3 post with us at Hi-Fidelity. Strong follow-up to the FNG burner at Whiplash last Saturday.