So this workout started out pretty hilarious. YHC rolled up a couple minutes early and enjoyed some mumble chatter with the fellas. 0600 rolled around and someone finally asked who was Qing. Watson looked over and said you are! I am? Well here we go.

The Thang

Good Mornings
Donkey Kicks
Mountain Climbers
Reverse Fazios

Set 1
Head over to the hill.
Bear Crawl half way, sprint to top and back
Gorilla Hop half way, sprint to top and back
Lunge walk half way, Sprint to top and back

Set 2
Mozy over to parking lot and partner up.
Partner 1: run the loop around bottom two parking lots
Partner 2: Start 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 LBCs progressive count
Flapjack until totals are satisfied

Set 3
Mozy over to mini soccer field. Grab a table for the flying dutchman. Up and down the field switching riders at each end until everyone has done a set.

Set 4
Pax cycle between balls to the wall and people’s chair 60 counts while 2 pax at a time run down to the swing set and knock out some pullups. Repeat until all pax have completed pullups.

Set 5
Ring of Fire. Pax circle up and start doing mountain climbers in cadence. One pax at a time knocks out 5 burpees until all pax have completed. Nice shoulder burner.

Mary – Dealers Choice
Mountain Climbers
Poke the hole
Flutter kicks
Freddy Mercuries
American Hammer
Box Cutters

Solid work by all.
Birkenstock took us out.