Once upon a time, in an F3Raleigh I once knew, Friday AM beatdowns would come early in the Valley of Crabtree.  Granted, our growth of AO’s in the last year+ has pulled many a PAX away at times, there are traditions to uphold.  YHC took the DRP and showed up a few minutes before 515am expecting to see…well, not mall walkers.  Quiet – surely a few will rise to meet me and then…1 more.  2’s a crowd so off we went to enjoy some Miller Time.

Extra Credit (ManRam + HighLife):

  • Run up ramps to the top deck – look there’s a car with the American Flag on the door.  That’ll work.  Quick warm-up of SSH, Imperial Walkers, Fazio Arm Circles, Good AM, Windmill and 10 Burpees OYO…about 4 in, YHC felt something in the old hammy…audible…let’s yog this out…don’t want to pull up lame for the Main Event.
  • Fellowship jog back through the deck, down some stairs and back to the cars where 21 others were waiting.

Main Event:

  • Brief warmup:  SSH, Imperial Walkers, Good AM
  • Jog over to Crabtree Creek bridge (pay the toll – 10 Burpees OYO) and then crossover.
  • Form 2 lines for Indian Run down to Glenwood Overpass
  • Stay in your group.  Group 1 picks a rock for some AMRAP exercise while Group 2 runs down to the staircase on the left, go up, do 10 of a called exercise and then return to flapjack with a PAX from group 1
  • Round 1:  Curls and Standard Merkins
  • Round 2:  Shoulder Press and Wide-Grip Merkins
  • Round 3:  Tricep Extensions and Military Merkins (Elbows in tight against your side)

Stay in groups, jog to the same staircase, gather at the top.  Mosey over to the bottom of Arrow Drive by the BP gas station.  AYG Run up to the top.  Plank hold and other plank exercises waiting for the six.

Indian Run (2 groups) back down the hill past Fairfield Inn, La Quinta and Residence Inn, left towards the greenway to the bottom of the hill for the apartments behind Crabtree.

Partner up (size doesn’t matter…YHC checked his watch…change of plan…it kinda matters).  Partner Carry up the hill, flapjack as needed.  Plank at the top. Mumblechatter was aplenty.

Trying to recall what we did at the top.  I think we did 25 Merkins, 25 Squats, 25 LBC’s x2.  Topped off with 10 Prison Cell Merkin Burpees.

Jog across the parking lot, down the stairs, down the hill to the stop sign.  Plank hold for PAX.  Run back to the cars, last 200 yards AYG Sprint.

Mary:  American Hammers and maybe something else

COT / Announcements / Prayers

  • ManDown (F3 Brother in Charlotte) dealing with cancer
  • A&W’s father passed away
  • May 17th Dinner / Speaker at Healing Transitions (Denali has a sign up sheet).
  • The Arena needs Q’s to sign up
  • F3 Raleigh needs Q’s – give back, pay it forward, co-Q if you’ve never done it before

Always a pleasure to serve.  ManRam out.  Aye!