It had been quite a while since my last Whiplash Q, and post for that matter.  This plus BRR training ramping up got QIC pumped up.  It was a warm summer morning, and a healthy PAX of 16 were ready to get after it.  VSF planted, disclaimer announced and we’re off.

Warm up

15 GM

15 IW

10 Hindu Merkins

Brisk mosey through parking lot to back greenway down to first corner of the lake.  Partner up.  Partners run opposite around the lake:  First meeting = 20 partner clap merkins, Second meeting = 20 Star Jumps.  Finish three “laps” (60 partner merkins, 60 star jumps).  PAX were sufficiently warmed up after this.

PAX then took a swift pace up around front of Dojo, down the unpaved path through the field, over the bridge, through the woods, to grandma’s house…. sorry, back to the greenway at the base of the Big Hill.  Everyone knew what was coming…

Run to top of the Hill — 10 Maktar N’Diaye, 10 Ski Abs

Run to bottom of Hill — 20 knee ups, 20 Peter Parkers

Repeat 3x


Indian Run up the greenway to the Blue Loop intersection, mosey down to rocks

10 Curls in cadence

20 high knees

10 press in cadence

20 high knees

10 bent over row in cadence

20 high knees


Brisk fellowship run up to the left of “porkchop” down past the lake, grass hill, to the top of the amphitheatre.

Last hurrah — box jump up amphitheatre, bear crawl to top of grass, 10 burpees




20 hammer in cadence




Prayer Requests

JOY — birth of Hayes, Serge’s first born child (earlier that week)

JOY — QIC’s daughter turned 2 on 6/9

Flatline who just had testicular cancer surgery

Mr. Bigglesworth’s friend’s brother who was thrown of trucked and killed… prayers for friend and family

Old Maid mentioned “Damian Smith” (hope that’s correct) whose oldest son of the same name passed away recently

Spin Class …his younger brother died in a tragic drowning accident at Lake Gaston the previous weekend

Woody and Encroachment, friends of Spin Class, spoke of how incredibly supportive the F3 community has been to Spin Class, and he’s only been involved for a couple months.  We talked about how that’s really what F3 is all about… the brotherhood of men who forge a bond through fitness, fellowship, and faith, and are there for one another because of it.  Powerful.


Leandro took us out with a great prayer.


Always a privilege to lead!