How do you know if you make any progress if you do not measure yourself from time to time. This morning we decided to do that with a slight spin on a standard military PT test.

We started with 10 minutes of warm ups; arm circles, stretches, jogging, agility ladder.

Then it was 2 minutes of hand release merkins. 2 minutes rest. 2 minutes WWII Situps. 2 minutes rest. Then finally 10 minutes of shuttle sprints at 10-15-20-25 meters, each distance counting as one rep.

Finished with 10 minutes of cool down. We will focus on these core movements over the next 90 days, and re-administer the test then.

Prayers were lifted up for family members with cancer. Praises were lifted up for a house being sold. And we all left a little bit better than when we showed up.