Four Pax assembled, VSF planted…we began our routine and learned Dufresne’s occupational therapist was coming to show us some new exercises to include in our quiver.  If you’ve read any recent backblasts from #Hopebulider, our quiver is pretty thin so we welcomed the new material.  Today’s workout was a great opportunity for Dufresne to show us what he was capable of and to trust us to continue to push him and each another.

The Thang:
Elbow/Bicep Squeezes – aka Chicken Wings – (alternating) 2 x 15
Diamond Arm Push–aka Checkin’ the Animal for Weapons–(alternating) 2 X 15
Pile Drivers (alternating) 2 x 15

The remainder of our time was spent working through the new exercises with the occupational therapist.  Rubber bands, ankle weights, foam cubes – it was impressive.  More could be written, but it’s best to be shown in person.  Just like any F3 workout, if you do the same thing over and over, your muscles get used to it and you get bored.  Above all at #Hopebuilder, the camaraderie among the Pax and with Dufresne is the most important.  He has a great story to tell and we’re just getting at the beginning.


  • Great message from Orwell on the power of inspiration Dufresne has provided beyond those he has met.  Orwell let Dufresne know there are 30+ men praying for him every day.
  • T-Claps to Maize, Orwell, White Shoe, Grillz, Fazio, Friar Tuck, Steroid, and Money Hose who have all joined us thus far.
  • Looking forward to having Lamp and Gnobby with a G with us this Thursday, October 10.
  • Invitation is always open, as is the Google Doc.  Find a Tuesday or Thursday and join us for an inspirational 45 minutes. We will always have a QIC there who has led the workout before.  This thing’s growing and there’s always room for you. Be a part of #Hopebuilder.