YHC woke up in a surprisingly good mood for a Monday morning before what will be a long week. Driving the short trip over to the North Hills Complex “Midtown Amphitheater” grass lot behind Chuy’s restaurant, I was thinking how the weekend had flown by with three children’s soccer games, college and pro football aplenty, plus a fair Costner Movie (Draft Day) and a terrible Cage Movie (Rage, didn’t even get through the first hour) and trying to finish out the Honey Do list of odds and ends to get to a clean slate for the start of new week. All in all, I was in a good mood.

Turning the corner around Chuy’s, my smile disappeared when I noticed the entire lawn was awash in sprinkler heads and artificial rain. As I exited my car and walked up to the grass I uttered “You’ve got to be (dice edit) kidding me” followed by some additional colorful Dice-ism’s. I was in this exact spot at this exact time last Monday morning (during some minor natural rainfall) and the sprinklers didn’t pop until 6:30am. Today there was an inch of standing water covering the entire lawn. An inch. With spongy sinking ground at each step.

As my mood started to sour, I recalled a scene from what has become a classic – Bull Durham when Catcher Crash Davis (Costner) turns on the sprinkler system to the Baseball Field and lets it run all night to give the guys the next day off…. spouting out cheerfully “We got ourselves a natural disaster”. It made me smile and onward we went.

With apologies to the Pax, I announced it was going to be an all concrete post, with a bunch of audibles to reduce the elbow, knee and ass bone scuffing that would have come from a much heavier load of MakTars, LBCs, Hammers Turkish Get ups etc etc…

Yes, Vortex, you were right it was a chest, arm and back burner. Even more than my usual: No Run, Some Fun Qs.

Intro / Disclaimer:
Typical F3 boilerplate – no FNGs so a summary offered. Special Guest appearance at Disabled List by Vortex so the general Recovery Road (RR) addendum was given – If it hurts or you think it’s going to hurt, switch to another exercise and join back in with the Pax on the next exercise.

The Warm-up:
25 SSH Slow Pace
15 Windmill Stretch
20 Imperial Walkers
10 Prayer Squats Stretch (Q called Prisoner and didn’t follow his own directions)
10/10 SF Arm Circles
20 Carolina Dry Docks (20 Cycles, 40 reps)
20 A. Hammers
20 Mountain Climbers
10 Good Morning Stretch
10 Prisoner Squats Stretch (Q got it right this time)
20 Merkins (20 Cycles, 40 reps)
20 LBC (20 cycles, 40 reps)
Plank Q Count 30

Move to the Grass, nope it’s all under water. Move to the back of the amphitheater.
25 SSH Fast Pace
20 Irkins (2 per 4 count cycle, 20 cycles, 40 reps)
20 Dips (20 Reps)
20 Derkins (2 per 4 count cycle, 20 cycles, 40 reps)
20/20 Step Ups (20 with one leg up first, then 20 with opposite leg up first)
10 Irkins (20 reps)
10 Dips (10 reps)
10 Derkins (20 reps)
10/10 Step Ups
20 Elevated Crunches (heels up elevated object, 2 per 4 count. 20 cycles, 40 reps)
It was during the elevated crunches the Q heard an audible click/pop, turned his head to the right to notice he was staring right at an elevated sprinkler head 6 inches from his face and caught a full stream blast right in his ear hole. Nice. Finished the cadence count anyway.

Move back to the Amphitheater:
25 SSH Fast Pace
Jack Webb 10/1
20 A. Hammers
10 Burpees OYO
25 LBC (25 cycles, 50 reps)
10 Low Slow Flutter
5 Count of the 6 Inch Leg Hold around the circle
Merkins to Fail (Marley 22 cycles, 44 reps)
Plank Q Count 30
Chilcutt to fail (Vortex 1:10)


F2 Thursday Happy Hour at Boylan Bridge (?) watch twitter for details/confirmation

F2 Friday Happy Hour (Standing event) Ridgewood Beer – watch twitter

F1 We are going to have to move the site for Disabled List on Mondays. Watch Twitter for updates.

Prayer Requests:
Hush Puppy’s Family
Floppy Disk’s Family
Injured F3

Q Thought for the day: I got nothing.

BOM: Vortex – Thank you to god for giving us these opportunities, to make us better men, fathers, husbands and friends.

– Dice