“Music hits me, so hard, makes me say ‘Oh my Lord… Thank you for blessing me… with a mind to rhyme and two hype feet.'” -MC Hamma

Monday morning. Our good man Hash Brown had valiantly stepped forward to take the wheel at Eastbound, ready to sharpen some iron. He’s a good man, that HB. But a bronchial battle prevented him from fulfilling his duty on 27 June, 2016. So, YHC agreed to come off the bench to take the PAX for a spin.

One FNG in the mix. Extremely excited to see him enter the gloom.

YHC has recently lost the Tuck Precision Time Keeper, so the only option was to use the 15-year-old 2.0’s Precious Purple Timepiece in order to keep us on the clock. #FriarFashion

0530. PAX gathered, ready for action. Disclaimer given, and we went to work.

Circled on the tennis courts for: Good Mornings x15 / Side Mogul Hops x15 / Windmills x15 / Front Mogul Hops x15 / Mericans x10 / Cross Mogul Hops x15 #crowdpleaser

Gallop to the pic-a-nic shelter…
3 Sets in declining cadence count:
Irkins x20/15/12
Dips x20/15/12
Squats x20/15/12
Dericans x20/15/12
(one set of Alternating Lunges sprinkled in)

Off to the B-Ball court…
Pair up:
Partner 1: Run the b-ball court, bear crawl the grassy knoll, backwards bear crawl down, then sprint back
Partner 2: Begins to tackle the following cumulative count they must achieve…
50 Burpees / 100 Mericans / 200 Squats
–> Plank set whist the full PAX complete the mission

Gallop to the Tennis Courts…
Split into Groups 1, 2, 3
G1 – Bear Crawls the perimeter of Court 1
G2 – Crab Walks the perimeter of Court 2
G3 – Karaoke the sidelines/baselines, with stops at each corner for 5 Burpees
Groups then rotate until everyone has eaten from all three platters.

Then, a call to the side fence: “On the line!”
1) Sprint to the opposite fence and back
2) Aquamans x20
3) Sprint to the opposite fence and back
4) Reverpees x10
5) Sprint to the opposite fence and back

And, we’re cooked. No mas.

– The PAX tackled these sets with admirable ferocity.
– Waldo let out some words of disgruntlement when his feet slipped from the picnic tabletop on the Dericans set. #thisaintnopicnic
– Peeps were crushing the B-ball set. YHC was inspired.
– During the gallop from the B-ball court to the tennis courts, YHC led the PAX through some unexplored mudlands, only to lose one shoe to the merciless muck. #Qshoefail Vila commented that this almost warranted a rename for this Friar. Cinderella Jr. perhaps? #therecanbeonlyone
– In other news, our FNG fought valiantly, though he also experienced that intestinal skirmish we all face from time to time. His maiden post included a tour of the Eastbound & Down throne room. Had to be done. Allowed a return to the battle field, fresh for the fight.

– July 4th Convergence at the Art Museum. Fine arts, fun and games, and fireworks, no doubt. Mark your calendars.

– Several PAX on the verge of new 2.0s, with a few expecting in several months.
– To close, this Friar challenged the PAX with the verse: “Do everything without complaining.” Philippians 2:14 Simple, but not an easy one. It’s YHC’s personal challenge this week, but each of us will find ourselves ready to complain after a business phone call, staff meeting, conversation in the living room, etc. We don’t have it in us to just not complain, so this challenge also serves as a call for us to call on God for his help to be patient, to avoid complaining and simply serve in love. AYE!

Our man Jericho took a knee, we surrounded him, and he lifted us up.
Thanks, brethren. It was a fine morning with you. Tuck, out.