The VSF was planted bright and early at 0545, the new launch time for The Forge. Rain was forecast, and the ground was soggy, but the only reason the PAX ended up soaked was because of the work put in.

Today’s theme was low and slow. The human body uses a lot of kinetic energy to return to the starting position, pausing to let the energy dissipate before returning to the starting position uses more muscle.

Warm up in the parking lot. SSHx35,  GM x. 50, IW x 15, WI x 15, SFAC x14x2

Take a quick jog to the top of the parking lot, paint the lines back down.

Quick feet x 20 x 2.

Mosey up to the gazebo, grab a bench for the first round of low and slow pain.

Squat hold jump ups (SHJU) x 5, Dips x 15.

More shju x 5, french dip x 10, hold at top of dip x 10

Shju x 5, dips x 5, round off with three more squat hold jump ups.

Mid morning Mary: Russian Hammers x 15, LBC x 25, WWII x 30, Reverse LBC x 15, Rosalita x 25, six inch leg hold x 15.

Mosey to the Tennis Courts, grab a reasonably sized rock that can be held with one hand (hard concept for some…) To the courts for some non-tennis drills.

With the rock: rowing Merkin x 10 per side.

EKG x 5 (hold at the bottom on 1, push up on 3. 5 was enough.)

Prisoners peoples chair. Peoples chair holding the rock overhead. Do it, you will love it.

More merkin rows x 8 per side.

Return rocks to rock pile, run through the court and down the hill to the other hill. Bear crawl up said hill, run through gazebo to find park resident has taken our place. Adjust plan and run to steps  for one order of Robert Plant.


Dank Derkin Darkozy Dutin. On the wall, get in the decline plank. Perform one decline merkin, push up and go immediately into a decline sarkozy x 5. perform another decline merkin and push up directly into a decline putin. Lather, Rinse, repeat 5 times.

Do it again, from the incline position. at the end perform an incline low plank hold for a 20 count.


Prayers for John, whose father passed away and they are having some issues with the process. Prayers also continue for Dufresne.

As countrywide now knows…the Forge now begins at 0545.