Twenty-one PAX convened at Fetzer Field on a quiet UNC campus Monday after a day of commencement and revelry. There was nothing to celebrate, however, with Boucher and Shooter teaming up to inflict some Manic Monday pain.
Warm up
SSH IC x 20
Good Morning IC x 14
Arm Circle IC x 10 (Clockwise and counter)
Imperial Walker IC x 20
Merkin IC x 15
Mountain Climber IC x 15
Fourteen PAX went with Boucher on a “Tour a la Fetzer.”
The group counted off and broke into seven groups of two, and each group rotated four times through the following six stations:
Merkins x 30;
Up and down four flights of Fetzer stadium steps;
Pull-ups x 10;
Dips x 20;
Bear crawl outside around soccer building to track;
300 meter run to replace PAX doing merkins.
Meanwhile, seven PAX circled up for a Circle of Pain. The first man did 10 burpees in the center with around him stations for 25 pound left and right row; 20 pound bicep curls; 15 pound deep swimmers press; merkins; bows-to-toes planks. After three rounds, the exercises were switched to 25 pound goblet squat; 25 pound overhead tricep press; wide-grip merkins; 20 pound curls; 15 pound renegade rows; 12 pound side raises.
Mary: LBCs x 20; Heels to Heaven x 15; WWII x 15; Russian hammers x 20.