Visualize with me a second… You are out in the ocean sitting on your board. And all of a sudden you see that big peak rolling in behind the others.  That is when you know its go time. Forget the other waves, you paddle out further and you do it fast. No time to waste. This could be the one… The perfect peak, one that will break just right. You continue to paddle, you turn around, line yourself up on your board and feel it start to pull you. You start paddling again, hard, then you feel the wave start to form, start to push you. Time to commit…

The water is moving you. You stand up on your board. You start carving to the top of the wave, you find the sweet spot and next thing you know it your in it. There are walls of water on both sides everything is silent except for the roar. You are pumping that board trying not to get swallowed into the depths of mother ocean. Some call it the Green Room, getting pitted, shacked, barreled. Regardless of what you call it, you’ll know it when you in it or you’ll be swallowing sea water and kicking for the surface.

14 PAX committed Thursday morning some got shacked some wiped out… A valiant effort by all. Welcome to the Dawn Patrol Backblast. Lets do this.


  • Merkins x 20
  • Good Mornings x 20

Run to top of parking lot

  • Lunge walk to white suburban
  • Bear crawl to building and Plank
  • Mountain Climbers x 20

Run around back to the jetty and find a rock

  • Rock Curls x 20
  • Rock Squat x 20
  • Tricep Extension w/ rock x 20

Leave your rock, Split into 2 groups on the run

  • Group 1 at the beach – 10 x pull ups, 10 x squats, 10 ct Putin, 10 ct Sarkozy
  • Group 2 at the tiki bar – 20 x dips, 20 x IRkins, 20 x Derkins
  • Groups – Flapjack

Run back to rocks

  • Rock Curls x 15
  • Rock Squat x 15
  • Tricep Extension w/ rock x 15

Run to baseball field numero dos

  • Group 1 – on the backstop – Balls to the Wall / Group 2 – sprint to fence and back (be the ball bro) and flapjack
  • Group 1 – on the backstop – Peoples Chair / Group 2 – sprint to fence and back (be the ball bro) and flapjack
  • Group 1 on the backstop – Squat hold / Group 2 – sprint to fence and back (be the ball bro) and flapjack

Run to Soccer field for USAIN BOLT  x 14

  •  1 PAX calls exercise and sprint to opposite end of field and back/  Rest of PAX – embrace the suck

4 mins of MARY

The Dawn Patrol Wipe Out Special

  • Duck Dives x 20
  • Paddling- In x 20
  • Stance x 20 and WIPE OUT!


4/10-  NEXT HH – Ridgewood Beer and Wine (Whole Foods Shopping center) – Its off Ridge Road