A PAX of 8 resisted the fartsack and showed up to see who could sweat the most. A refreshing morning for a few Indian runs and enjoying some fellowship around some ginormous boulders. Sorry Schembechler for the awkward landing – hope you make a quick recovery from a twisted ankle…

The thang:

Jog to baseball field to warm-up

* Good mornings
* Nipplers
* Windmills
* Imperial walkers
* Quick feet

Around the horn

* Bear crawl to first – 10 monkey humpers – sprint to fence and back
* Gorilla to 2nd – 10 monkey humpers – out and back
* Crab walk to third – 10 monkey humpers – out and back
* Bear crawl home – 10 monkey humpers

people’s chair – 10-count down the line and back
balls to the wall – 5-count down the line and back

Indian run down the hill to boulders
*25 boulder erkins
*25 alt left-right step-up
*25 boulder derkins

Plank ladder back up hill to the soccer field for a set of 11’s

*run length of the field – 10 sumo squats
*run back to the other end – 1 Carolina dry drock

Schembechler carries to the bball court
Merkin clock (counterclockwise – start with 12 and work down to 1)