SSH x20

Imperial Walkers x20

Windmill x20

Mountain Climbers x20


The Thang:

The PAX scampered to the benches under the pavilion where 20 WW2 situps were issued.  Followed by 40 box jumps and a few grumbles.  PAX resumed scampering over to the rock pile where a series of exercises using rocks.  Curls x20, Triceps Extensions x20, Bent Over Rows x20, Alternating Shoulder Taps x20, 6 inch leg holds with rock behind head x20 Heavy Freddies x20, and one more set of Bent Over Rows x20.  Pax then scampered over to the picnic shelter where a combo exercise was done: 1 WW2 situp followed by a box jump on the picnic table followed by a pull up on the beam and back down to the ground counted as 1 rep.  We did 5 reps.  This was followed by a variant of 1 Merkin followed by a Step-up followed by a Hanging Knee-up on the beam and back down.  We did 20 reps.  Once PAX completed these gems, we scampered the long way back to the flag.


LBCs were called and PAX groaned through 50 reps in cadence.  Best quote “I was not mentally prepared for that”.  I must have blacked out because I dont remember anything after that, but I think we did some Rosilitas for Moonshine.


Announcements:  Farm on Saturday with J5’s first double down.  New Site Launch next Tues at Green Pines Baptist Church (Hodge Rd in Knightdale) at 5:45am with Sharkbait and J5.

Prayer Request: Chimi and Liam, Marriages, protection from the storm, and the Lord knows the others mentioned.