VSF planted for the PAX of 21 on Edenton Street for this week’s General Assembly. The crew included veterans, newer guys and one memorable FNG.

The Thang:

Warm-up jog and circle up: SSH x 15, Mountain Climbers x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15, Merkins x 15

Run to first parking deck, get in small groups: 4-5 Man Indian Run up and down the deck for 15 minutes. Circle up in front of the deck

Plank-A-Rama (assist by Fungo): Sarkozy, Putin, Low Plank Hold x 10, Shoulder Taps x 15, Nipplers x 15, TD Curls L&R x 15 each, Plank Jacks x 20, Decliners x 15

Move to next street, set of 11s with Squats & Knee Ups….bear crawl to next street AMRAP Squat Jumps till all are in

Set of 11s with Spiderman Merkins x Jumping Lunges

Walking Lunge back to previous street

Run to home, squat hold, LBC x 15

COT with prayer by White Whale

Naked Moleskin:

Labor Day Convergence: 7am at Pullen Park (non-running option will be available)

-9-11 Stair Climb on Sunday, September 11: Arrive at Carter-Finley Gate 4 by 6:30am, gathering at Vaughn Towers. Running the steps starts at 6:45! COT to follow.

-New workouts popping up left and right as we grow again in the great City of Oaks, Aye!

-FNG Danny came to us this morning via a referral fro the Cary/Apex area. Hailing from the #respect category with a dream career¬†opportunity ahead of him in the near future he’s looking to better his lifestyle and fitness level. With 35 lbs down and 20+ more to go he posted at F3 so that faith would be included in that path. Hope to see him back out, Yogi brought some great energy to the morning.

Always an honor.