Amidst the drizzle and the dim glow of lights from Sad-Clown Central across the street, two were ready when the time came.  We chased after the darkness and erased what chill the dampness had tried to put into our bones.  After a yog around the soccer field, Vaseline joined the group. With no WIB, YHC stumbled, stammered, and did what he could.  This is something like what we did.


Side Straddle Hops x 25

Imperial Walkers x 15

Crossover Imperial Walkers x 15

Windmills x 20

Run to the Tennis Courts for

Bear Crawl Suicides

People’s Chair x 60

Run the Courts facing one way – Sprint, Karaoke, Back Pedal, Karaoke


Heading over to the Playground we rotated through two rounds of

The Timer: 5 Pull ups and 5 knee lifts

Non-timers: Round 1-AMRAP Incline Rows, Round 2- Plank

Saunter to the Pavilion for

Decline Carolina Dry Docks  x 10 (feet on top of the picnic table and hips above shoulders) these are not quite Chong Li’s Balls-to-the-Wall single hand presses, but most of us felt a burn even with the low number, and we did it with our shirts on.

Dips x 15

Donkey Kicks x 20


A step to the curb for Quick Feet x 20

Some preferred Mary on the Concrete, but YHC is a wimp and will take soggy grass over an unyielding surface any day.  So we chose our favorite spot and finished it out.

World War II Sit Ups x 20

Rosa-Dollys x 20

Freddy Mercury x 20

6 inch Leg Hold x 30

LBCs x 30

After a quick prayer we headed home.


Still trying to figure out ways to get the word out to Southern Wake folks.  We had several sad-clowns sit in their cars in Sad-Clown Central (a fitness center) and observe the pain, while we did our Thang in the glow of their headlights.  Perhaps the F3 Flag needs to be displayed in an obvious way…just thinking.

Planning for a special Spring GoRuck is underway.  We will consider adding some additional workouts (double downs) to FV workouts if there is interest among the PAX.

Rumors are floating in the FV area that a church is trying to start a Men’s Boot Camp workout group.  So far YHC has been unable to find which church this might be.  Investigations continue.