We really need more State and Duke fans to post at the North Raleigh AOs, as we seem to be overly represented by Tar Heels.  In the night-before Twitter banter, after the F3 Detention twitter handle abused its considerable power by disrespectfully posting a picture of a new UNC shovel flag instead of our honorable F3 standard, YHC mentioned we were one correct possession call short of a potential Gonzaga-themed workout.  Mr. Rogers then pointed out that would be a workout without a title (which was clever but also had YHC wondering when Twitter will make gestures available instead of just the like/heart button).  Anyway, not particularly a Zags fan and you’ve got to know your audience so we kept the focus on the workout but the title’s as good as any.

Happy to have Melamine join us this morning — he’s an FNG who came out on his own after seeing the recent Today Show feature and googling F3.  Very cool – look forward to seeing you in the gloom again soon!  Total of 14 PAX on this beautiful morning

Warm-up (throughout this BB, all numbers are 4-counts and to the best of YHC’s recollection)

  • 10 burpees OYO
  • Sir Fazio arm circles x 10, then reverse x 10
  • Mountain climbers x 25
  • Windmills x 15
  • Indian run up the entrance road, down Strickland, back in the far end of the park

Head to the back field for …


The Thang

Set of 11s — standard merkins at one end, prisoner squats at the other


Mosey over to the benches near the restroom buliding

Rotated 3 sets each of dips (15,10,10), alternative step-ups (24,20,20) and LBCs (25,20,15)


Mosey over to corner of track with rock pile; partner up, size does not matter (YHC made sure to pick a rock that would not disappoint Grady)

Partners each ran four laps, alternating that with rock work while their partners ran; first two sets were switching between squat/press and curl, final two were bentover rows

(Bit of mumble-chatter here about the running; YHC had committed to less running than the 3+ miles of intervals we did last time I Q’d at Detention; I thought this one was pretty easy from a running standpoint)



Quick bear crawl to next corner of the track and gather for …





F3 party this Saturday night from 6-10 PM at Wendell Gee’s (coat and tie)

Spartan Race this Saturday

Prayer Requests for:

CDC — safe business travels for him, and his family while he’s away

Dink’s son — now in jump camp, which he’s finding relatively easy after his previous military training

Schembechler’s colleague — was shot in front of his family, pray for family and colleagues

Let’s also pray for a new work opportunity for Melamine and continued recovery for Mr. Rogers’ sister

Thanks to CDC for taking us out.

Thank you to all the PAX — it was my honor to lead a great group this morning!  Until next time, I’ll continue to wait for UNC to stop dragging out the academic scandal investigation and coming major penalties …