YHC had a grueling tennis match last night that started late and ended at 10:30 when, while up 8-0 in a 3rd set tiebreaker, the lights at our club went out. I guess you could say I won by De Fault (insert laugh track here). Wired after the match, I couldn’t sleep a wink as diabolical thoughts danced in my head of introducing the Copperhead Road (courtesy Fifty Shades from CLT) to the Dawn Patrol PAX in the soupy, balmy gloom.

Warmup – 2 laps round the parking lot, taking note of the placement of orange cones, some backwards running and karaoke mixed in

The Thang

Copperhead Road 

  • From home base, set sail for Nippler Corner X15, run back and plank it out until all PAX finish
  • Home -> Prisoner Squat Parkway X15, and don’t forget the Nippler Corner toll X15, then back home
  • Home -> Merkin Way X15, PS Parkway X15, Nippler Corner X15
  • Home -> Mtn Climber Ave X15, Merkin Way X15, PS Parkway X15, Nippler Corner X15
  • Home -> Burpee Court X15, Mtn Climber Ave X15, Merkin Way X15, PS Parkway X15, Nippler Corner X15
  • Some Putins & Sarkozys were thrown into the mix at home base

Mosey to the rock pile.

Sometimes There Aren’t Enough Rocks, Jenny

  • Partner up and grab a rock
  • Group 1 does AMRAP Hot Potato Squats while Group 2 runs a lap around the community center. Flapjack.
  • Group 1 does AMRAP Sister Mary Catherines while Group 2 runs a lap. Flapjack.
  • Circle up w/your rock for Wood Choppers X16, Rock Merkins X16, Rock V-Ups X15
  • Line up for People’s Chair against the wall, passing the Kettle Bell 4X through
  • Circle back up w/rock for Sumo High Pull & Press X10, Rock Presses X10, Rock Merkins X10, Rock Hammers X15
  • Mosey back to parking lot


  •  WWII situps X10


  • No Arena this Friday, but will be the following Friday. Order your Arena shirts now (c/o Duff)
  • Convergence Sat @ Pullen – 6 am to relive the original workout + 6:45 start for the main event. No other Sat workouts
  • Prayer requests for Hushpuppy & fam, and for Fiddler’s father
  • Debbie took us out
  • Great work, gents. Thanks for the opportunity!