A baker’s dozen for this morning’s edition of F3 Raleigh’s Truly Grittiest workout.  7 PAX braved the early humid morning for a pre-run ring of fire loop, T-Claps to those denoted above.

The clock struck 0530, no FNGs so no disclaimer given, and we were on a roll – back the way that the 7 pre-run PAX just got back from (sorry, not sorry.)

First stop was the top of the dam hill for the warm up:
20x SSH IC
20x Good Morning IC
20x Imperial Walker IC
15x Mountain Climber IC
15x Standard Merkins

First part of the main event was to venture down the dam hill to find a rock.  Apparently Ron Mexico forgot to pay the lawn service company this month, so the growth was quite thick.  YHC busted his tooshie about halfway down the hill but was none the worse for wear.  Find a rock of respectable size, then head back to the top of the dam hill because the grass is just too long to do anything down there.

At the top of the hill, it was time for the gun show:
20x/15x/10x IC reps of:
Rock Curl
Rock Tricep Extension
Rock Ruh Roh

Bring your rocks back where you found them, and back to the top of the hill.

YHC was concerned about the PAX at this point, having just tromped through the tall grass and picking up who knows what kind of ticks in the process.  Better knock out 15x Monkey Humpers in cadence to check the ankles and make sure everything was good.  PAX gave the all clear and we were on the move again.

Next stop was the pull up bars, where PAX partnered up and were to complete a set of 50x Pull Ups, 100x Merkins and 200x Squats.  While one partner worked on the exercises, the other ran to the bridge and back.  Oh wait that’s too far?  OK we’ll just go to the second bench and back (#overruled)

As the last few groups completed reps, those finished endured a healthy Plank-O-Rama with many flavors mixed in.

Mosey back to the top of the dam hill and lunge walk to the bench roughly halfway.  Once there, 15x Monkey Humpers IC again to check for ticks.

Running low on time, we headed back to the parking lot for Mary:
30x 4 count Flutter Kicks
LBC Pyramid 5-10-15-20-15-10-5 (it’s supposed to hurt, it’s good for you!)
15x Sir Walter Raleigh Scuba Buddah


Haven House this evening, 5:30
4th of July – only option at Art Museum

Prayer Requests:
Lots of PAX expecting babies soon.

YHC took us out with a word of thankfulness to the Father for His goodness.

All business this morning, not a whole lot of mumble chatter from the group.  I think the combination of the humidity and pre-run for almost half of the PAX pretty much took care of that.  I don’t get up to True Grit often, but enjoyed Qing a great group this morning.

Until next time,