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The Hunt for Red October: a Christmas story of sinking subs, Chill Cuts, a lost Jedi, a leaf pile, a lost FNG Navy Navigator,  a F3 Recon mission, failed leadership and BIRTH of a name, or should I say names. Stay tuned to see how it all ends.

Welcome the Pax and introduced them to Mike Puffer older brother of Drysdale home currently serving 20 plus years in the Navy. Currently a PT BOAT guy hunting Subs. I instantly wanted to name this FNG Jerseys Mikes because of his job and his name. Forgot to give standard No Pro disclaimer did welcome everyone to General Assembly and then we circled up on the sidewalk.

Just one warm up X20 stretching

Follow me to the street/alley on Wilmington st.
Plank it out
Mini beast 3 stops two rounds 6 of each exercise up and back
Round one
Wide grip merkins
Swiss merkins
Plank it out (did a bunch of chill cuts and planks out of chill cuts)
Round Two
Standard merkins
Dimoud merkins
Wide grip merkins
Plank it out repeat plank mess and end chill cut spring ups x5
Follow me down street/ally across Blount plank it out

Partner up number one heads to the end of street and does three level Derkins 10 on each level total of three levels
partner two stays and does LBC for days
Partner one heads to the same three level and does squat jumps to the top and down x10
Partner two flutter kick for days
Plank it out stuff and of course end with chill cut spring ups x5

Follow me dived into some leaves no Pax had Jedi powers to do this so we headed to the Federal Court Building a place we could  see Quag one day as he builds his service  record after his recent unopposed victory as stated by election magazine.

Line up along short wall. Tried to add a little new flavor had to keep Pax from taking the quick and easy path of mumble chatter and straight rebellion.
Feet on top of wall legs straight plank it out right arm up then switch to left arm going one hand to one hand. We did these back and forth.
Then did the same thing but you turn all the way over with your stomach to the sky then back again.
Then we did standard wall work
Derkins x10
Merkins x10 (pressing feet into wall)
Dips x15

down person st to the back side of farmers market mural in Moore Square
Partner one balls to the wall
Partner two run to the end of the parking lot
Round one did this x3
Round two
Partner one quick feet
partner two run backwards to the end of the parking lot x3
Did some more planks and chill cuts and of course 5 chill cut spring ups

Follow me through Moore square through new bus station to parking deck. Planked it out and we didn’t know we lost our FNG
Headed up parking deck 4 floors then went down stairs and ran back to home base.

10 burpies OYO
circle up and we figure out we lost our FNG. Pax let me know of my failure in leadership. Drysdale had no idea where his big navy brother the navigator was (come on Drysdale!) Pax send out “Hates”on recon mission. Found navigator running toward Pax right around the corner.  I apologize for losing FNG. FNG had went back for hoody and lost us in parking deck.
Discussion about FNG whose current job is hunting subs. But in Feb will be headed to the Gulf on Bush Aircraft Carrier as a Navigator. Pax cant remember Russian captions name in  Hunt for Red October we think it’s Pachinko then we think of his name it’s Ramius we decided he gets both Pachinko/Ramius for our FNG.

Next week leadership site Q change over at GA.

Prayer for families going through Christmas alone.
Teen at Neighbor to Neighbor for recovery Trinity Clemons
Military families

Mole Skin
Advent a time of waiting. Let us wait on each other. Serve each other. Love starts with patience and that is a big piece of waiting. May we wait on God believing he is faithful and keeps all his words. Thankful for the brotherhood thanks for caring for me and making me a better human being daily. Truly an honor to serve today thanks for coming out to put in work in the ways of the force. I Always feel the love and enjoy the chatter. So sorry for losing our man. Nice work “Hate Recon” and election of who is the fastest group to search for FNG.  I thank god for his great Recon Mission to give us Perfect Navigation. YEAH PAX Peace Love and Joy YODA #YeahCHIP #Leafpilesforlife #LOST