27 pax.

Ateam is the one location where, to Q effectively, you must have 2 workouts planned; all dependent on Cheddar Bo. Gates Open / Gates Closed. It will innevitablly be a last minute call. And if you are even somewhat considerate, you are thinking about each of the pax in attendance, running abilities, where you are going, can we keep the pax together, blah blah blah. Maybe following my Saturday Phoenix Q, YHC is over thinking it. But, as I pull into an A-Team, Cheddar Bo woke early on this MLK morning, possibly in anticipation of the Monday morning rush of visitors. To the back it is. On arrival, YHC is surrounded by 26 men, circled and ready, you can just feel the soft bigotry of low expectations. ATeam, being in the Big Leagues as Wilbur would say, is quite a bit bigger than the average of 5 at Rush-Hour. YHC couldn’t find the rewind button.

Wheels on the ground. Having taken a lesson from our Supreme Potentate, Ma Bell, YHC makes the good morning rounds and comes across FNG, guest of Yogi (the Bear) and Grinch. YHC imparts the daily “Sergeant of Arms” duty to Crimson, he delivers a Disclaimer like none heard before. At least the shortest, but still full of all the important nuggets…I heard something about “flag”.

With that we are off around the back loop and then circle for some standard Mary. Well mostly standard, there was the low plank hold, Pax were to hold while we count off around the circle. We seemed to get stuck somewhere between 5 and 7; Chanticler must have been in morning funk with his newborn. As fine as that baby is, we do want to hear about him, we still expect you to follow through and just say the next number,…6

Recover on the jog and head in general shelter direction. Hermes, with his namesake Ascot and Golden boots takes a lead. And as he is moving towards the curve of the parking lot, YHC turns right between two shelters. Yes Hermes, you are freed to lead. And as quick and cunning as you are, YHC will take it from here.

Line up in front of the benches for Captain Marvel planks. YHC requests the pax to keep with his cadence, as several times we stopped at “2”, which is when body is in prone position and both hands are on the bench. Denali lead a group of rebels who continued in cc, however, their uprising was short lived. Term Paper, having first experienced the wonders and benefits of Captain Marvel planks this last Saturday, lead us in some 10 counts in the “2” position. Another stop at “2” before we finished out at 30. Bartman, recent graduate of Zig Ziglars training, imparted some lasting words, ones in which YHC will never forget.

Recover on the jog, taking the lake path towards the entrance.

Burt is such a good guy, “Hey Banjo, you know there are a couple of men back there [slow runners]?” With that, we circle up for hammers waiting on the sixes, and then recover on jog up hill to gravel parking area.

What follows is 3 stop “B-L-I-M-P-S”: 10 each, Boat Canoe, Lunges, Imperial Walker, Merkins cc, Pull-ups, Star Jumps. Hermes, that man is brilliant, always the leader, says something like, “Banjo, you know that there are 6 exercises?”, YHC shaking his head, having just had a conversation with middle child last night about critical thinking. Angry Elf beats YHC to the punch, “Hermes, that means there are 2 exercises at each stop”.

1’s start with B-L at intersection of road and gravel parking lot
2’s with I-M at intersection gravel and paved parking lots
3’s with P-S to the playground

It is heartwarming to see leaders step forward. My group, Ma Bell, broke from his familial roots, and held the pax together, immediately had the pax holding squat waiting for the sixes, so we could stay as a group. The US Department of Justice is reeling in this setback. Good call that was later picked up by groups 1 and 3. And Shutty, tells group 3 to play through. And Smokey, unbelieving, awestruck, dumbfounded. Everyone gets a first at some point. Yogi ( the bear) counted off some mean slow Merkins, whilst Burt had at least one good count.

“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

YHC audibles, and the men line up in their groups for indian run to COT, with reverse direction to pick up the sixes.

As we begin to circle up, the “Respect Clique” gathers, pulling away Grinch, leaving his FNG alone in the corner. Finish off with Hammers [Wilber], Freddy Mercury [Shank], and LBC [Crimson]. Wilbur brought his “A” game to A-team delivering a “10” on his American hammers. Rules committee was unanimous in support of his virgin Q at FOD tomorrow.

Count off; 27 pax
Welcome FNG Harbaugh, guest of Grinch and Yogi [the Bear]
Announcements: K2C
Prayer concerns for: M Sputnik, M Chinese Downhill, and others.
Praises to: Chanticler and M on newborn.
YHC took us out.

Just because you thought I said it, just because you thought you heard it, doesn’t mean I meant it.
Shutty, generally when I ask it, I don’t know it. BTW, I received Yogi [the Bear]’s email.
Aristocrat looking a little like he had too much Old Crow over the weekend
It was nice to receive a compliment from Water Wings on the Saturday Phoenix, he was hurting. Nice.