Rain rain go away and thankfully it cleared in time for a sunny and cool morning in bigger better Rolesville! Shovel flag planted and no FNG’s this week the Farm was about to get Thunderstruck!

SSH X 25
IW X 25
GM X 15
Windmills X 15
Merkins X 20

The Thang

Indian run from front of park to backside across from Granite Falls for some 4 corners action:

Corner 1 – 10 X Manmakers
Bear crawl to
Corner 2 – 20 X Starjumps
Crab walk to
Corner 3 – 30 X Prisoner Squats
Bear crawl to
Corner 4 – 40 X LBC’s

Run to backside of Sanford Creek to the Track.

Partner up for Chariot races, full length of the field with partner holding intertube for resistance.

R1 – P1 runs to far end of field flapjack P2 runs back.
20 X Rosalitas
R2 – P1 runs to far end of field flapjack P2 runs back.
20 X Boxcutters
R3 – P1 runs to far end of field flapjack P2 runs back.

Recover on run, stop at big sandbox quad for 25 X Dips

Run to common field for new rock pile discovery and pick a rock, disclaimer we will NOT run with the rock.

20 X Curls
15 X Lion Kings
20 X Tricep Extensions
20 X Chest press
20 X Shoulder press

Start mosey back to flag. Stopping with squat holds and flutterkicks for all PAX to catch up.

Back to flag, YHC asked Bill Nye to lead ab exercise while YHC setup.

The Farm got Thunderstruck. 4:53 of SSH with a Burpee everytime the word Thunder is heard. Lost count of Burpees but PAX were gassed after this one.

25 X Boxcutters
25 X Karoke Abs
6 inch leg hold, 5 count around the circle


Nameorama and good to see 16 PAX out today on a holiday weekend. Strong work by all PAX today and good jobs keeping the group together on the longer runs and leaving no one behind, AYE!


– NE Wake convergence on Memorial day at Agoge 0700-0800. 0600 Floppy leading EC Murph
– Q’s needed for Excalibur on Thursdays in Knightdale
– F3 Dads is June 4, 9:30 at Fletcher Park in Raleigh
– Spartan Sprint Sept. 10, Groupon for it, save some $$$, several NE Wake PAX signed up already.
– Run club at White Street Brew 0700 Tuesday nights.

– Traveling PAX
– Moonshine health/job situation
– Floppy’s family
– Praise Casey Kasems old house and new house closed on same day.

Johnny 5 took us out in prayer.

Great fellowship with 14 of us grabbing coffee at Coffee Lodge – thanks Casey Kasem for footing the bill.


The Farm is strong indeed. Great group of guys plugging in to this AO. Guys really starting to live life together, doing things outside workouts, checking in on one another during the week. Great site for the Wake Forest/Knightdale crew to come together. YHC is thankful for this group of men. Has been a challenging couple months for me, mentally, emotionally in regards to my job situation. And my F3 brothers have been a blessing checking in on me outside of workouts and getting together for a coffee or beer to fellowship with me. Appreciate you men and as always, an honor to lead you fine folks, AYE!