classic case of “you had to be there.”  Yoda opened the door and the rest of Pax ran with it. Ended up with a Davy Crockett call….

10 pax committed to hard morning led by YHC. A fine start to the week. Opener with 20 ssh. Into inchworm 10 slow merkins and worlds greatest. End with 25 mountain climbers for the warmup. Quick run to the basketball courts

The thang:

Line up on the end line for merkin broad jumps to the other side then a partner up.  On Saturday YHC took his boys out to the park and proceeded to raid the woods for fallen trees and dragged them to the courts where they were waiting for us. Pair off to grab one.

10 overhead shoulder press, 10 squats with shoulder press and 15 arm curls. Turn to face each other for more of the same. Run to the end line where a nice sized fallen tree branch was strategically placed. Each team took turns dragging it across the length of the end line twice while the other teams rotated through arm curls, goblet squats with squat and shoulder raises.  Long beat down until all teams finished. Grab the log and run up the hill then back down backwards.

Suicide sans log with prisoner squats, merkins and star jumps. All at 10 reps. Finish workout with log carry for three steps drop your log and three burpees until you reach the other end line. YHC was going into a light merry until bob villa called out to use the log to increase the intensity.

Lbc pyramid with log, low slow flutter 20 count with log in a press, heels to heaven with log press for 10 then various angle leg holds with log hold. Put the wooden friend back to its home and an Indian run back to base camp.

Name on Rama with no announcements to speak of and a prayer out for a brother going through cancer treatment

Friar tuck was voluntold for the take out prayer. A moment of silence to take in the morning sounds around us. Great job.

Tough workout for ten brothers.