Solid group of 24 for Sophomore Q Friday morning.  Woke up before the alarm went off so Q juices were flowing. Standard disclaimer given.  1 FNG, welcome The Jumbos.
Jog around OLL.
The Thang:
GM x 15
Sir Fazio x 15 and reverse
IW x 15
Merkin x 15, R Arm/L Arm High, Low Plank Hold
Run down Oxford to bridge @ Cooleemee.  Every other street light, 5 merkins, then 10, finish at 30.  Total of 105.  Squat hold ’til pax together.
Take bridge through Fallon Park to Triangle at Cooleemee.
Pax split into two groups.  Group A runs from triangle to Anderson, 5 Star Jumps@ Anderson, run back to triangle, bear crawl down one side of triangle, run to Royster, 5 jump squats, run back to triangle, lunges up other side of triangle.  Group B does same, running to Royster first.
Repeat x 10 Star Jumps, 10 Jump Squats
Repeat x 15 Star Jumps, 15 Jump Squats
Partner up at corner Cooleemee/Kittrell.  Partner Chase to OLL parking lot.  Partner down doing 3 burpies.
American Hammer x 30
Low, slow flutter x 15
6-inch leg hold, 10 count x 3
Count off – 24 I think – apologies if I missed anyone, Nameorama, Announcements – 3rd F dinner, Neighbor-to-Neighbor, November 3 – please sign up if you can attend, Arena, 2:30pm, Peacock and Fava Bean joyously passing the Site Q torch to Sheehy and me.
Prayer requests – Box Jump’s friend diagnosed with brain tumor, hurricane victims who continue to deal with challenging circumstances, election awareness and participation.
Quagmire led us out.
Thanks for coming out.  I enjoyed the challenge and look forward to handling site Q duties, I think.
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