Over the weekend, YHC was perusing the vast arsenal of Netflix movies. When out of nowhere, a hidden gem found its way to the surface. The M and I quickly overlooked “Days of Thunder” and opted for something with a little less blood, grease, and gears. However the mystery stuck in YHC’s head, resurfaced conveniently in time to fashion a workout worthy of the Hi-fidelity faithful.
6 Pax found themselves ready to embark on a journey through a few parts of this classic of the silver screen. Lace em up. Here we roll.

*800m at fellowship pace
*Circle up for: Good Mornings x15, Imperial Walkers x15, Windmills x15

The Thang:
Grab a partner. It just so happened that 3 Raleigh BRR teams had representation. Wirdifigawri, Goat Rodeo, and Government Cheese. The PAX partnered up right along team lines.

Set 1:
“Get a few races under your belt” Cole needed to settle down and get down to business.
Partner 1 runs 400m at R-pace. Partner 2 does AMRAP exercises. Tag up and switch. Repeato x2.
Exercises were:
Round 1 – LBC’s
Round 2 – Merkins
Round 3 – Squats

Set 2:
The Cole Trickle Pickle. In the movie, our beloved hero has to get out of pit row ahead of the pace car in order to stay on the lead lap.
Partner 2 takes an easy pace stroll around the track while partner 1 runs around the track at r-pace in an effort to catch partner 2. Tag up and switch.
Round 1: 1000m
Round 2: 1000m
Round 3: 800m

Set 3:
Foot Race to Daytona Victory lane. Following the win, Harry and Cole share a festive sprint toward the celebration.
200m free-for-all sprint followed by a 200m recovery x3. Ideally this should have been at r-pace or I-pace. Not sure what it was. Was not slow.

*Special thanks to Sunshine for giving YHC the inspiration for “the Cole Trickle Pickle.” It is extremely difficult to keep a slow pace following a speed session. Great work by all.
*Check the F3 Raleigh page for announcements. There are tons of opportunities for all 3 F’s. Be present.
*Our hero, following a brutal wreck, had a difficult time returning to prime driving condition. After battling with himself and fear of failure, he eventually would rediscover himself to win the Super Bowl of stock car racin’, the Daytona 500. At some point in our lives or careers, each of us will face a moment that shakes our confidence. As leaders, it can be difficult to navigate our families, organizations, and communities through those times. If you see a brother going through a rough spot, bear him up on your shoulders. If you are going through a valley, allow yourself to be encouraged. #isi

Thanks for the opportunity to lead, and sharing your friendship. YHC is better after every exit from the gloom.