It was a wet morning at Carroll Middle this fine Saturday. Thankfully not freezing cold. 25 men descended on Catalyst with little knowledge of what lied ahead. Bob Vila graciously met YHC 15 minutes early to unload some heavy things that the PAX would get to enjoy over the next hour. Should also be mentioned that Screech met us at Carroll and did a run of his own. T-claps for not letting an injury slow him down. With one FNG present, a disclaimer was given and off we went.

Jog down to the basketball court for warm-ups. At this point, the PAX saw the array of kettle bells that awaited them. Some mumble chatter followed.

SSHx25, Good mornings x15, Imperial walkers x20, Mountain climbers x20, Merkins x10

Over to the track for a little indian run. Two lines, one lap around. It should be noted that the PAX had a hard time splitting up evenly…but I digress. Partner up. Partner 1 runs a 100 yard sprint, Partner 2 AMRAP Merkins. Flapjack. Next set 100 yard sprint, Partner AMRAP Chilcutt Peter Parker’s. Final set 100 yard sprint, AMRAP Monkeyhumpers.

Now the real fun begins. Count off by 3’s. 3 stations. Rotate as the group at Station 1 finishes their bit. Station 2, Kettle bell work for each group was lead by YHC, Bob Vila and Chong-Li. Exercises included: KB swings, squat to high pull, curls, goblet squats, one handed swings, shoulder press, bent over row, and maybe some others I’m forgetting. T-claps to Vila and Chong for stepping up to lead their respective groups.

Station 1: Indian Run two laps. Station 2: AMRAP Kettle bell exercises Station 3: Bearcrawl the ramp.

1: Indian Run one lap 2: AMRAP KB exercises 3: Dealer’s choice Mary

1: Stairbarrow, FJ so each man goes once 2: AMRAP KB 3: Bear crawl the the ramp

1: 100 yd sprint, backwards run 100 back 2: AMRAP KB 3: Dealer’s choice Mary

This backblast probably doesn’t do it justice. Every group doing 12 stations total. Depending on how long station 1 took the respective group, KB work was a grueling 4-8 minutes. The PAX pushed through though. Very little rest, lots of mouth-breathing. Special t-claps to Captain Kangaroo for his always impressive bear crawl work. He probably did that ramp twice as many times as the rest of us. It was horrifying and impressive all at once.

We took the bells up the steps and lined up on the wall. People’s chair nice and close to the man next to you. YHC grabbed a nice 45 pound bell and we passed it down the line and back while holding people’s chair. With 25 men, this took a bit. Recover. 10 Burpees OYO! Back to the wall to repeat the bell pass down the line and back. Just enough time for 25 LBCs aaaaand DONE.


Very impressive work this morning by all. First time with the kettle bells is no joke. YHC started attending the Blitz about a month and a half ago just to mix up the weekly workout schedule. Trying something new is rarely comfortable. We resist change because of that. Urban Jungle every Wednesday for about 9 months was my comfortable routine. Swinging kettle bells with a bunch of other guys (all of whom are stronger than me) is not the comfortable choice. But it’s awesome and I look forward to the challenge every week. Bringing the Blitz to Catalyst this week was probably outside the comfort zone for many, but no one went home when they saw those bells waiting for them, and everyone made it through. Hope to see a few more PAX at the Blitz next week (Wed., 5:30, Carroll Middle back parking lot). You’ll get stronger.

F3 Connect is next Wednesday, 11:30 to 1pm at Mia Francesca. Gnobby gives us a Financial Fitness Test. Learn some tips on running a healthy financial household. HC here:

Talk to Chong if you’re interested in F3 Yoga (in the works). No details yet, stay tuned. Continued prayers for Hush Puppy’s family as they push through some tough personal times and health issues.

Special T-Claps to my FNG Chris Hendricks, named “Silver Oak”. YHC invited him out a couple days ago but never received confirmation he was coming. Props for just showing up. First post at an hour long kettle bell workout is no joke. White Shoe offered up the name “Silver Oak” which is the name of a very expensive California Merlot. You can probably guess why…

Linda prayed us out. Pleasure to lead you men as always.