Good Times Bad Times, Ramble On

Light crowd of 10, disclaimer given, press play on the iPhone.  Circle up for good mornings, windmill, standard merkin, all x 15.  Someone yells “car” to see black Tahoe scorching into lot at 5 minutes past — welcome back Ernie.  Hope the winter slumber was nice.  Alternating L/R side plank, salute plank, skater squat; Q called L/R to switch approx 10-15 times.  Finish with more good mornings – track work looms.

Immigrant Song

Run across Six Forks to St. Timothy’s picnic tables.

Over The Hills and Far Away, Misty Mountain Hop, Four Sticks

Find a spot for single leg squat left leg, Triple D’s (decline dry docks), single leg squat right leg, jump ups, dips.  Ladder started with 15 each, then 10 then 5.  Finish with 15 more Triple D’s.

Thank You, All Of My Love, Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

Back across Six Forks to CMS track — stop along way for people’s chair and balls to wall.  To rock pile and circle up.  YHC warned PAX to be conservative as we would likely be moving with said rock.  Curl, rock jack, tricep extension x 25, sumo squat jump x 10.  Repeat x 15, then x 10.  15 more rock jacks for good measure.

For Your Life, The Ocean, Celebration Day, Heartbreaker, Friends

Gather on track with rock.  Lap 1 – Indian run with rock.  Lap 2 – backwards run 1/4 lap, 10 merkins; sprint 1/4 lap, 10 merkins; backwards run 1/4 lap, 10 merkins; sprint quarter lap, 10 merkins, plank.  Lap 3 — partner up, resistance bands (51-inch bungee cords) around partner’s waist, flapjack at 1/4 lap increments after 10 alternating lunge jumps per.  Plank at finish.

Replace rock — after 25 more rock jacks.  Up stairs for people’s chair and balls to wall, 45 seconds each.

Nobody’s Fault But Mine

Back to start for Mary:

LBC x 15, 10 alternating 1-legged burpees OYO, done.


Thanks for the inspiration to include music in today’s workout (Screech, Maize, Gnard).  Makes a difference.  All Zep on the playlist today.  Did you know?  On this day in 1889, Ferdinand von Zeppelin (inspiration for the band’s name) patents his “navigable balloon”.

Q School tomorrow, #BRR (see Yo Yo), wonderful Monday and 1st/3rd Thursday 3rd F options @ Panera (Forum/Six Forks) and Q-Shack North Hills, respectively, high noon.

Prayers and thanksgiving for Ernie’s relative who recently delivered healthy baby girl after losing a full-term baby last year.  Orwell’s successful journey to Shanghai and for positive business momentum.  Screech’s shoulder.  TR’s wife’s grandmother, recently had stroke, unable to swallow, future uncertain.  Cotton’s 20-something cousin (ayoung mother) facing stage IV colon cancer.  Hush Puppy’s family.  Lots of PAX with family members battling Alzheimer’s dementia and cancer.

Orwell took us out like a champ.  Pleasure, men.  #blessed.

“The length of a song matters more than the length of a fish.”  -Jimmy Page