Happy New Year.

Six Pax at Lame Duck this AM.

Reasonable conditions and idle chatter regarding over-indulgences of the Holidays, is the SEC overrated, and clearly the Big Ten (with fifteen schools, just kidding but wait until 2017 we’ll have seventeen or some such) isn’t a dead conference after all. Kirk Herbstreit was in great commentator form…. “Florida State Has quit…. just quit”…and ripping the FSU players who slogegd off into the tunnel as the game clock wound down… not shaking hands. Oh, and his twitter dig suggesting that the (ESPN) storyline that Oregon is soft or the Big 10 isn;t worthy…is a fallacy…can’t we just put that to rest…..

Jokes abound regarding FSU Coach Jimbo Fischer offering advice to his Heisman Trophy Winner (And possible future resident of the Florida Penal System – Tampa Bay, thinking twice about using the number 1 draft pick on him?) when the game got way out of any hope for them….”Calm the F*** down or you’re going to the bench”. No Joke really, there’s a great Vine clip with lip reading clarity 🙂

Or the Alabama Fan girl, dressed in her Bear Bryant Hounds-tooth Jacket and crimson stockings with her coat and dress hiked way up and her stockings pulled way down, exposing her backside into the potted shrub for an emergency squat pee….byline reads #StayclassyBamaFans (second place finish “Alabama Fan, still poisoning trees I see”). F3 Fathers Remember to tell your kids – Cameras are everywhere, and the internet is forever.


Somewhere there’s a father wondering where he went wrong….or maybe not. 🙁

Anyway, we were there to work so here’s how it went;

25x SSH, Slow Pace (2 Per 4 Count Cycle, 50 Reps)
20x Good Morning, Stretch
20x Imperial Walker
10/10x Arm Circles
20x Prayer Squat, Stretch
20x WindMill, Stretch
20x Mountain Climber
10/10/10x Shoulder Shrug, Neck Rolls/Reverse
20x Prisoner Squat, Stretch
10/10/10/10x Single Arm Big Circle Swing – Forward/Back Each Arm
10 /10 Double Arm – One Forward/Backward Big Circle / Reverse
10/10 Q Count Leg Over Leg Stretch
10/10 Q Count Quadriceps Stretch
20 Q Count Butterfly Stretch
10 Q Count Straight Leg Stretch

Parking Lot: “Threes”
20x Prayer Squat
20x LBC (2 Per 4 Count Cycle, 40 Reps)
20x Merkins (Studs, 2 Per 4 Count Cycle, 40 Reps)

20x Prisoner Squat
20x A. Hammers (2 Per 4 Count Cycle, 40 Reps)
20x Wide Grip Merkins (Studs, 2 Per 4 Count Cycle, 40 Reps)

20x Sumo Squat
20x Freddie Mercury
20x Diamond Merkins (Studs, 2 Per 4 Count Cycle, 40 Reps) Truthfully I think Cornholio did 12 doubles and then had to switch to single per 4 count but T-Claps for trying.

10x Squat Jump
20x Low Slow Flutter
20x Carolina Dry Dock

Peoples Chair:
20 Q Count
2 Inches Lower
20 Q Count
2 Inches Lower
20 Q Count

Upstairs: “Fives”
12x Inclined Merkins (Studs, 2 Per 4 Count Cycle, 24 reps)
12x Dips
12/12x Step Ups, One Leg Lead For 12 Then Switch
12x Elevated Crunches
12x Derkins
20 Q Count Recovery
10x Inclined Merkins (Studs, 2 Per 4 Count Cycle, 20 reps)
10x Dips
10/10x Step Ups, One Leg Lead For 10 Then Switch
10x Elevated Crunches
10x Derkins
20 Q Count Recovery
8x Inclined Merkins (Studs, 2 Per 4 Count Cycle, 16 reps)
8x Dips
8/8x Step Ups, One Leg Lead For 10 Then Switch
8x Elevated Crunches
8x Derkins
* Q Cadence / Counts were off a bit in the last “Five”

Mary: Stretching
10/10 Q Count Leg Over Leg Stretch
10/10 Q Count Quadriceps Stretch
20 Q Count Butterfly Stretch
10 Q Count Straight Leg Stretch


Today Happy Hour 5:00p At Ridgewood Wine And Beer – Watch Twitter to Confirm

Flatline advised there are several different “F3 Challenges” occurring over the next few months. “F3 Ab Challenge” Starts this month (?). “F3 Pull-up Challenge” starts next month. Watch Website for details.

Discussed upcoming F3 Town Hall – Dice received an invite and am under impression it is open to those who are interested in attending / listening / commenting to F3 planning. Tuesday January 27th, 8:00p Players Retreat. Please contact King David if you are planning on attending.

Prayer Requests:
Cornholio’s Fraternity Brother / Family: McNulty’s

Think there was one more but have since forgotten it. Speak up in comments.

Q Thought for the day:
When Dice started organizing the Recovery work-outs it was based on (my) individual need and as such the workouts were focused on the exercises and activities Dice could do / liked and wanted to work on. As things have progressed and other Pax have picked up Q’s for work-outs (King David, Cornholio, Skreech, Azul, Tin-Cup and others) and as some of us have remained on the Recovery for long periods of time -Some Pax are seeing serious changes in muscle mass/definition from all of the exercise reps. These work-outs have become increasingly more intense and challenging. This is not a bad thing, however we are kinda moving away from a Recovery / Injury Support / Recuperation as we ratcheted up the intensity.

Over the Holidays I was thinking about some articles I’d read in Men’s Health etc, and about as we get older those who do get back into exercising tend to devote significant time to strength and running / aerobics but statistically we aren’t doing much for flexibility / balance. And that leads to injury just as often as trying to lift too much weight, perform too many reps or dunk too many basketballs (wishful thinking).

So starting with the New Year, Dice is going to incorporate more stretch / flexibility exercises into his Qs – especially the Recovery work-outs. Still going to have Warm-up (with stretching) and plenty of calisthenics with reps to help get stronger/ripped Pax. But during recovery periods, between tough sets, and during COT we’ll be throwing in some different stretches or movement to work on balance. No Yoga Pants allowed but there may be some Yoga positions mixed in. Dice will also ask other Recovery Qs to consider doing the same – Strength, some aerobic conditioning, and exercises for balance and stretching for flexibility for every workout.

Baby Farley took us out.

– Dice