Life is full of choices. Is it The Donald or Hillary, do I even except Dook as a University that exists in the South, do I fart sack like Mimi or post like Blue Cross, WWBCD, figure that one out with your free time, could Gertrude and Pocahantas ever win a positivity contest?  Should I live in the Carterican paradise or pay extra to vacation here, should Jang turn left or right or have to go through the mental cruelty of choosing places of leisure, to do the Murph or watch Plunger go from Bruce Banner to the damn Incredible Hulk?  Many things to ponder….I chose to witness the latter choice of the latter sentence.  25 men (half of which were RDU with a G’vegas added in) got one thing handed to them.. a sandwich with extra ass kicking.  We should start by thanking Les Ferdeen and Dr Pat for getting half the Pax shit canned last night and the two Qs’ fuzzy eyed.  That sounds like excuses!  Plunger and YHC prevailed through the memories of last night..over served Margaritas, scarce food and keg stands.  All excuses!  Mimi excuses!  After a disclaimer and a lap around the DC parking lot we stormed the front lawn like Eisenhower would have planned for…


Warm A Rama:

Plunger four starred and the beatdown began…

SSH IC x 25

Shockingly…Merkins SC x 25

Windmills IC x 15

No way….merkins SC x 25

Sun Gods IC x 15 hold it, reverse x 15, and Plunger style wanting a high Q rating had the PAX squat hold that shit like sitting on the head.  Let it be known that Duck Butter has perfect form…then IC x 15, reverse x 15

Wait for it wait for it…Carolina dry docks IC x 20


Cotton Pickers IC x 20


Common core question of the year, What muscle group did Plunger seek next?  Yep shoulders and chest… Dry Docks SC x 20


After a 41 min warming of the muscular system we counted off 1,2,1,2,1,2 and so on.  YHC took the flag and the 1s, Plunger took the 2s and an attitude made for a steel cage match to the sand for..


A 1 mile mosey down the beach and back with a 10 merkin drop on the minute count.  Why not??  We’re up so it should suck.  While headed west bound Okinawa had some feelings of pressure on the inner walls of his bladder, either that or he was looking for an excuse to stop running.  He decided to relieve himself in the Atlantic and catch back up to the PAX.  However, as he ran into the breakers, a sniper, or crab, or lack of coordination took him down.  Man down!  Oki then had to join the returning PAX soaked, and worse yet he forgot to pee.  Tough luck Oki. So time for…


The Thang:

Simple, precise, lethal

Partner up. A got to do the following continuously:



Mountain Climbers

Dry Docks.

Here’s the catch, the flapjack occurred once partner B did burpee suicides in SOFT sand to 3 cones. 1st cone 1 burpee, 2nd 2, 3rd 3. Then flapjack. It should be stated that YHC was hospitable to the nice folks from yonder while Plunger said the following,” You Raleigh boys are used to dirt, this is soft sand here boys…what do you think now?”  An animal!  He may try to Q more than Dipstick now…

A beatdown of beatdowns!  So we got ready for…….

Round 2:

Same cones different stuff. 20 reps

A: Alternating Shoulder Taps together, then sprint to the surf (low tide might I add) Lt Dan back, mosey to…

B:Peter Parkers together, then sprint to the surf, burpee broad jump back (low tide means 60 yards).  A Splash Merlot seemed to be of beef and draft beer.  It was politely covered with sand.  The unnamed man recovered and never skipped a beat.

C:Dry Docks together, sprint to surf, Partner carry back

D: Squats together, sprint together, wheel barrel back.

The two groups reconvened by the shovel flag.  A mistake was made…a big one! YHC informed General Plunger that we had 2 minutes to spare.  Bad choice of an observation!

Merkins x 25

Wide Grip Merkins x 25

Diamond Merkins x 25

There was serious looks of pain and panic…

YHC informed the infantry to lose their socks, shoes, shirts, and any non waterproof devices, march their asses to the surf, face due south, (for you ding batters that is to the horizon facing the ocean) drop on your 6s for…


LSF IC x 25

Russian Hammer IC x 20

LBC IC x 25

Chilcutt SC x 125 countdown

Kardashians IC x 15 each side


Moleskin:  We certainly enjoyed having visiting PAX from the inner beltline and Grainville.  Ordinarily, we as Cartericans are not terribly fond of such Dingbatters and/or Dit-dots, but if F3 has taught me anything, its to be inclusive.  Except for the Dutch.  They suck.  1 FNG came out to celebrate those brave servicemen that did not return.  Gertrude’s 2.0 came out and gave it his all! He spoke fondly of his admiration of Michael Jordan.  YHC decided to name him Dominique Wilkins.  This was a bad call because a middle schooler would not remember the 1987 slam dunk contest.  Henceforth, he shall be named Marcus.

YHC had 3rd row seats to the 6:44 nuptial of Salty-PNutz Saturday night.  Duck Butter was on point!  That kid can preach, pray and make you want to 3rd F for days!  In fact, the M and YHC are renewing our vows this weekend with DB leading the spiritual charge.

Coffeteria was held at Sweet Beans and the 2nd F was strong.

The Table Setter will be held at the Circle in Atlantic Beach at 7 Monday morning.  All site Qs are requested to bring all the shovel flags to this workout.

The Rev. Duck Butter took us out in prayer and reminded us to spread our gift of getting better to those we encounter.

T claps to everyone, especially Jang.  He claims to never getting T claps.  He chose to fish on a 76 Viking and not post.  In all fairness, I would have done the same.

As always, it was beyond a blessing to lead and serve!  Plunger, you are the man! Happy Memorial Day and take sometime for a minute of reflection for those brave souls that did not return home to embrace those people that were waiting for that reunion!


I’m out!