3 PAX answered the EC call this morning.  We enjoyed a 10 min fellowship pace out to the airport and back.  The moon lit our way and Mr Slate felt safe running by the airport.  Not sure if it made a prior backblast but Slate almost got attacked by what he can only assume was a bear or big foot.  We are pretty sure it was a squirrel but we have nothing to support either theory.  Spurrier’s back was bothering him so he got through EC but had to bolt for the main workout.

8 PAX showed up ready to go for the regular Crick session.  We even had The Situation in attendance thanks to some email emotional headlocking in the form of a threat to do some elevens in his cul de sac with merkins on one end and door bell rings on the other.

The Thang


We started with a jog around midfield to get the new arrivals loosened up.  Then we went straight into a warmup starburst.  6 cones, 5 points with 1 in the middle.  Everybody stand next to a perimeter cone.  Everybody does the same exercise then bear crawls to the center and back out to the next cone.

  • Merkins x10
  • Squats x20
  • Plank Jacks x30  (its 6:04 and Banjo falls in)
  • Overhead Claps x40
  • LBCs x50

Basketball Court Circuits

Split up into two groups of 4.

Group 1: 10 Pullups, 10 Derkins, repeato x2

Group 2: 10 Bodyweight Dips, 10 Irkins, repeato x2


Paint the Wall

So Mr Slate was fussing a little bit about his legs being sore.  Probably from the 3.5 miles we did on Monday plus his day job laying tile.  So why not stretch those legs out a little bit more : )

While facing the wall, do a squat.  Shuffle one spot, do a squat.  Shuffle another spot, do a squat.  Go until you run out of wall.  Picture parking spaces painted on the wall. Thats the idea.

Plank-o-rama until everyone finishes

Lets do it again because all paint jobs need a second coat.  This time though the shuffle is a squat shuffle.

Plank-o-rama until everyone finishes

Bus Loop

4 pairs standing in 4 spots equally around the bus loop.  This is a familiar relay with a small twist.  The first pair does 5 merkins and then sprints around the loop to the next pair.  The next pair has to knock out 5 merkins before the first pair arrives, get tagged by the first pair and sprint to the next pair.  Keep going until everyone has done a full lap around the circle.

The Book Fair

So YHC’s headlock email the previous day included a reference to running a hill.  When we arrived today The Situation asked if we were going to the book fair.  Of course we had no idea what he was talking about.  So when we left the bus loop to head to the hill we found a sign at the top of the hill for the school’s Book Fair.  Its all making sense now.  Thanks Situation.

  • Round1: Back peddle up the hill, 5 burpees, sprintdown
  • Round2: Bear crawl up, 5 merkins, back peddle down
  • Round3: Bunny hop up the hill (you’re welcome Nickelback), 5 star jumps, sprint down
  • Repeato

Slate’s Revenge

After the fun on the hill we made it back to the wall we painted earlier.  Since YHC picked on Slate the first time around, YHC thought it would be nice to give him a chance to get us back.  Balls to the wall until Slate gets tired of counting.  He turned it into this.

  • Balls to the wall x10
  • Right hand up x5
  • Balls to the wall x10
  • Left hand up x5
  • Balls to the wall x10
  • Recover

Mary Burst

Sticking with the starburst theme from the warmup we headed back to the cones.  Starburst with 5 mary stations and sprints instead of bearcrawls (to save some time).

  • J-Los x10
  • WWIIs x20
  • The Situation’s Poke the Hole x30
  • Flutter Kicks x40
  • American Hammers x50


Great work everybody. Tclaps to The Situation for answering the call.  Candlestick you owe us some flutter kicks and hammers.  Feel free to video tape it and post on twitter.  #accountability.  Looking to get a ruck together next friday night to help AMTRAK prep for an upcoming GoRuck in November.  We are thinking meet around 9:00 and shoot for 10 miles.  Probably finish around 2am.

Oflex took us out.