Yes. We ran today. We ran close to 6 miles. We visited 7 sites: Catalyst & The Blitz, Green Flash, True Grit, North Hills, Urban Jungle and, of course, Tahoe. We did 2 dozen exercises at each of those sites. It rained. We ran circles around parking lots to reel in the six. It rained harder. We did hand-release merkins in the parking lot of True Grit. It really rained harder. We ran the Greenway for over a mile with puddles that came up to your ankles. We ran up Sisyphus. Some ran back down Sisyphus to collect the six. And then back up again. We ran Currituck. We did Mary at Urban Jungle. And more at Tahoe. And, believe it or not, we finished on time.

But none of this has anything to do with the title of this BackBlast, or the wonderful video above. No one pooped during the workout. No one saw a unicorn. Or ate rainbow, poop ice-cream. Or even sang. No, to understand this, you had to be standing in the pouring rain, waiting for a workout to start. Or sitting, dripping puddles, making a mess at Starbucks during Coffeteria. For today, these are the places where the conversation devolved to the benefits of proper pooping angles. These are the places you want to be.

And so, I hope next time you’ll join us. Yes, in the rain. And with an extra clean colon.

An honor,

PS – E-Trade took us out with a strong prayer. With his shirt off. Because, well, that’s how he does it.