*NOTE: DON’T FORGET TODAY IS VALENTINES DAY. Workouts are a lot harder after sleeping on the couch.


For those of you who didn’t know, Spider-Man hates the cold, so that’s why they’re called Abominable Snowman Merkins.


EC: YHC and The King went for a jog/slide around the decks to get warmed up in the frosty morning air. We added in some stair climbs just for fun.

Warm-Up: SSH, Mountain Climbers, Good Mornings, IWs, and a solid trot to the snowy slopes of Mt. Crabtree.

The Thang: Cinderella started off the morning with some solid work on the snow/ice covered long ramp. Polar Bear crawls up the ramp, Abominable Snowman merkins at the top, and Polar Bear crawl with Alaskan King Crab walks back down. This was followed up by a set of bench dips.

Jog back up Mt. Crabtree, carefully, and across the decks to the normal ramps with a stop for single leg wall sits along the way, 10 count each leg.

At the normal ramp we had ourselves a math test:

  • Lunge walk two parking spaces, do two squats, lunge two more spaces, four squats. Continue up ramp until 20 spaces/squats have been completed. Jog back to start.
  • Same pattern but with Burpeecides. Sprint out two spaces, one burpee, sprint back. Sprint out four spaces, two burpees, sprint back. Continue to 20 spaces/10 Burpees. Sprint back and squat hold at bottom of ramp.
  • Bear crawl two spaces, two merkins. Bear crawl two more spaces, four merkins. Continue to 20 spaces/20 merkins. T-claps to those who did this after yesterday’s 100 merkin challenge and Tuesday’s true grit fitness test.
  • Jog back to starting place.

Mary: LBCx30, Protractor, Dying Cockroach x20, WWII Sit up x15, American Hammers x30.



  • 2nd F at Raleigh Brewing has been postponed. Costco and Sir Zima to get back with us.
  • Convergence on March 1st at Pullen
  • Hope Builders
  • GORUCK – Info session coming up next Thursday. Talk to Fungo, Yo-yo, or Utah for more information.