YHC’s cellphone reported a temperature of 23F in the Quay.  Frigid temps meant scraping frost from windows before one could head off to join the PAX for their downPAINment.  YHC discovered he had to scrape twice since his windshield refroze a block from his house.  Everyone was bundled up against the cold, but YHC was ready to bring the heat.


Run the loop around the tennis courts.  Start the warm up with Side Straddle Hops x 30, Mountain Climbers x 30, Good Mornings x 20 and Fazio Arm Circles x 10 x 10

Take a few steps over to the tennis courts for a little karaoke around, but part way through the first circle we hit several ice patches.  The Q realized these slick spots might be declared negligence and therefore nullify his recitation of the waiver, So he decided to take it out to the parking lot for round two.  After each round of Karaoke, we also added some Windmills x 20, Carolina Dry Docks x 15 and 5 Burpees.

We ran the loop again, enjoyed some Balls to the Wall x 20, People’s Chair x 50, Bear Crawled across the parking lot, Precision Squats x 20 and threw in some Spiderman Merkins x 10.  Repeato

We ran the loop again and stopped for a Plank-o-rama.  High Plank x 30, Putin x 20, Sarokzy x 20, and something else, but I can’t think of it.

We ran the loop one more time and finished off the morning with some Mary:  Hello Dolly x 25, LBCs x 25, Heels to Heaven x 25, Russian Hammers x 10, Windshield Washers x 26, Mountain Climbers x 25 and Freddy Mercury x 25


Strong showing by the PAX.  YHC was worried that the freezing temperatures might encourage some unfaithfulness and fartsacking.  But we saw a great turnout.  As we head into the holidays we will make an intentional effort to EH friends and neighbors.  Every man needs F3.