3 PAX braved the cold and rain this AM to work out the toxin overload from the weekend.  Our AO has a great shelter so we decided to work in tight confines to avoid a complete soaking but as the pain intensified some of the toxins began to carry very distinct odors which required some time in the rain for a “cleansing”.

We started the morning with warm-up suicides(3/4 speed) to cones set at 6/12/18 yards.  Sprint out to a cone then back peddle to start position.  A couple iterations of this warm up followed by 30 SSH, 25, Imperial Walkers, 25 Hillbillies, 20 Fazio’s.

The Thang:

2X’s –20rep/10rep High Wall Derkins(steep angle- 5 second rest between sets)

2X’s –30/15/30 Count Balls to Wall(5 second break b/t holds)

3 cylces of The Beast with cones 6/12/18 yard distance:  merkins, starjacks, standard squats

2X’s 20/10 HWD routine

2X’s 30/15 count Balls to Wall

3 cycles of The Beast alternating between walking lunge and broad jumps:  merkins, some jumping knee thing and squats


25 WWII’s, 90 second LSF, 25 American Hammers

I think I forgot something but that’s ok, a good time was had by all.  We closed with prayer and headed on our ways.  I appreciate the opportunity to lead this morning fellas.