The PAX can attest that running with your baby will wear you out, when your baby is a steel railroad tie!


Lap around the entire church parking lot
Imperial Walker x 10
Willie Mays Hays x 10
Cadre Overhead Claps x 20
Merkins x 30

The Thang:

Four Corners in the parking lot without putting down your baby. Apologies to those who got stuck with the heavier-than-average baby.

1st Corner – 25 curls together, single count
Sprint to next corner with baby
2nd Corner – 25 overhead presses together, single count
Walking lunge to next corner
Third Corner – 25 triceps extensions
Sprint to next corner
4th corner – 25 squats
Duck walk back to first corner

The PAX immediately lined up and completed an Indian Run (2 sprinters at a time) around the entire building/parking lot.

Upon completion of the Indian Run, PAX completed 2 additional sessions of 4 corners (all same as above), with another Indian Run between the 2nd and final set.

After the 3rd session of 4 corners, PAX paired up in a line at the long, grassy median, with a nice hill on both ends. The first group bear crawled the length of the field, and crab walked back. The other group completed regular merkins and diamond grip merkins (as many as they could stand). Then the pairs switched, so everyone traversed the field once and did their merkins.

This only left time for 1 minute of Mary, and Bushwood took us out with his flutter kicks (50) that we’ve all learned to love.
Amphibious, YHC