As many know and probably are tired of hearing, YHC’s view on running is that, it sucks.  And as always, YHC’s follow up to that are the words that should be printed on an F3 shirt somewhere, embrace the suck!  YHC was 1st to the AO but only figured out what the pax would be doing in the gloom an instant before the pax.  With no one new in tow, it was time to start thinking of what to do, and no better place to do so than on the run, we were off.

Tha Thang:  Jog the loop around the JC Penny building, in front of Sad Clown Central, and back to one of the Lassiter Mill ground lots for warm-ups. Good Mornings x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15, Windmills x 15, Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 15 F&R, SSH x 15.

Back to thinking mode, cross Lassiter down Currituck, right on Rowan, back up to AO beside cleaners.  COP, plank while waiting, while there Mericans x 15, 15 more when all pax in circle.  LBC Pyramid to 35 & back by 5’s, by my count i think it’s 245 total.  Back to thinking around in front of the UPS Store, quick feet x 15, Mini French Dips x 15, Ericans x 15, rinse and repeat.

Thinking position yet again to the light at Lassiter & Six Forks, cross and down to the base of round FCB building, divide in two groups, one max reps of exercise while 2nd runs long way around lot & building, start with squats, Mericans, Dirty Jansen’s, & Burpees.

Thinking position though this time YHC knew we were headed back to starting place.  Cross light together, once beside WFB give it all you got all the way back.

Mary:  Dirty Jansen’s x 15, 6 inches  5 count around pax, Hammers X 15, DONE!

COT: Numbers chapter 20, though we may have to suffer the consequences of our sin, if we have accepted Jesus as Lord & Savior, our ultimate rest will be to be gathered to our people with Him.  During the trials, suffer well, don’t constantly complain, lift high the name of Jesus, be light in an ever darkening world.

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The Skin

Lots of running, a little colder than expected, in the mid 40’s.  Manageable group of 18, good to see Ethanol & Ball Bearings diluting some of the UJ crowd.  Convergence this Saturday, double down at 6 for OG workout.  As always thanks for letting me lead.

CW out!