16 PAX on a pleasant morning at everyone’s favorite mall-based workout AO.  4 PAX were there for EC, with only YHC there before 5:14.  The EC crowd basically did one loop of the set described below, as well as one set of parking deck sprints with some random Mary interspersed.


Quick jog across the shaky bridge to the bottom of the nearest hill.  15 SSH.  Up the hill to the first right turn, 20 combo Good Morning/Windmills.  Jog across bridge to the second level of the parking deck where the first set of exercises is explained.  AYG (all you got for those unfamiliar) run across deck to far stairs, down stairs to the shaky bridge.  Hustle to spot where we did SSH and do 10 merkins.  10 merkins at spot where we did the GM/windmill warm up. and back across the bridge to where we started for 5 burpee, 10 merkin, 15 squat.  That is one loop.  Complete 4 loops with random Mary exercises until all PAX finish their loops.  Vector, Pepe and T&G completed 5 laps.  Strong.

Recover on the jog to the bottom of the parking deck, in relatively short proximity from where we all parked.  Another AYG set.  Up 3 (or 4??) levels to the top, with 15 squats at the top of each ramp. Back down the stairwell and Mary until all PAX arrive.  Repeat with 5 burpees at the top of each ramp.

Run back to the cars for COT.  Orwell took us out.

Plenty of opportunities to push ourselves this morning.  Humbled to lead this group.