No Bear shit greeted us this year, nor did MacGruber, (coincidence?). Apparently the high altitude causes his menstrual cramps to flare up.

A Pax of 7 that included one FNG shook off a firewater induced haze and rolled out of their bunks for a mountain beatdown in Black Mountain.

The Thang

Warm up in the Gym:
-Good morning x 10, Imperial Walker x 2, Seal jacks x 15, Mountain climbers x 20, Merkins x 10, Ski abs x 15.

Basketball practice:
-on court: sprint out of bounds line, side shuffle baseline, backward run , side shuffle baseline. 3 rounds.
-Free Throws Ben Johnsons: A member of the Pax chooses an exercise that the rest of the PAX will do, then sprints to end of court, makes a free throw and sprints back. Exercised included LBC, Freddy Mercury, Star Jumps, Merkins, Peter Parkers and some other exercises YHC can’t remember.

Leave gym and run up hill stairs to platform for single leg squats x 20 each side.

Run to tennis courts for 11’s: Squat jumps and Merkins.

Balls to wall and peoples chair 2 rounds on practice wall.

Jog to plastic structure for Salom races;
– teams of 2 weaver threw posts, complete 5 merkins, flap jack. 2 rounds completed. Plankorama

Move to fences for:
side jumps x 20, front jumps x 10.

Jog past tent city to lakefront for sunrise and Mary:
-Dying cockroach x15, LBC x 20, American Hammer x 20, Nippler x 20, Low plank hold for 10 count around circle.

YHC prayed us out.

Naked Moleskin:
-An audible had to be called for Costco as he couldn’t make a free throw and it took 3 attempts for him to make a lay up!
-T claps to Kmart for pushing through to the end.
-Foghat showed off his Spanglish 10 counts.
-Welcome the Blob.
-MacGruber is afraid of any workout where YHC is the Q.