15 PAX for round 2 of YHC 1 year of F3. DZ on Friday marked the 52-week mark, but Hot Spot roped me in to also Q for 366-day anniversary (thanks to leap year). Welcome FNG Moon River!

The Warmup
SSH x 15
GM x 10
Prisoner Squats x 10
Plank Jacks x 10
Misc plank work

The Thang
Grab good size traveling rock
Mozy up hill with periodic stops for cadence rock work and rock swaps
20 curls
20 tricep
20 rock press
20 rock row
Rocks down
Lap around the upper lot with some backwards running

Burpee/merkin combo
Burpee, 1 merkin
Burpee, 2 merkins
Burpee, 3 merkins
Increasing to 10 merkins

Back down the hill with stops for cadence rock work and rock swaps
15 curls
15 triceps
15 rock press
15 rock row
Toss rocks back

Mozy to far end of parking lot
Ladder down Burpee/Merkin combo
Burpee, 10 merkins
Burpee, 9 merkins
Down to 1

Lunge walk ¼ lap
Bunny hop ¼ lap
Lunge walk ¼ lap
Mozy ¼ lap, head to shelter

Alternating left/right step ups x 20 (weak effort to do the shut-in clap led by Q’s lack of rhythm)
Cadence Dips x 15
Cadence Irkins x 15
Alternating left/right step ups x15
Cadence Dips x 10
Cadence Irkins x 10

Mozy to 1st basketball court
BTTW plan looking sketchy due to 3 feet of mud along fence
Bartman correctly points out that there is another court
Nabisco challenge BTTW at the 2nd court
Largemouth, Michelob, Bartman and PBX (I think) all rose to the challenge. Strong work by all

Liked these last week, so we did them again and they were still hard
Captain Thor with 1-2 ratio Big boys/Cadence Hammers

A Team for July 4 is tentatively cancelled assuming Raleigh has some convergence options. Site Q’s encourage Car-PAX to attend Raleigh AO.

Prayer Concerns
Denali’s 2.0 crib climber
High school graduates and good decisions as they transition to adult hood

Thanks CARPEx for the past 12 months. Truly grateful for the relationships built through our F3 brotherhood.