12 PAX venutred out into the Gloom for a bit of GoRuck revival. All except Manram and the FNGs knew what was coming…

Warm up: 15x SSH, 15x merkin, 15x Good Morning, 15x Imperial Walker

Tha Thang: Partner Carry around the Ring of Fire. 2.2 miles, no stopping. Upon return 3,6,9,12 (and back down) on the minute.

Merry: 20x flutter kick, 15x reverse LBC, 20x WW2 sit up.

COT: Welcome to the FNGs, sorry that sucked so much… T Claps to all for completing it and to utah’s group for first place (as well as the victory yell). I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to see the lake from the far side of the ring. I also never knew that carrying a partner could be as much of a rest as being carried.

Prayers for: M.Manram eye surgery, McGruber’s M.in law surgery/healing, safe travels.