It has been 7 months since CK has Q’d a workout- have no doubt there were plenty of lunges.

20 merkins
1/2 group – run lap
1/2 group – 20 squats, 20 merkins, 20 squats

run to stone circle
10x burpees
15x SSH
15x IW
15x Good Mornings
7×2 arm circles

partner up-
jog around the lake- learn a unique fact about your partner
3x robert plant the stairs (single step, double step, bunny hops)

partner 1 – 40 yard walking lunges
partner 2 – 40 yard backward lunges
flap jack and go back
all: 40 yards – 2 lunges, 2 squats

circle of truth (back field):
telephone game with facts from partners while (5 count around circle while message spreads)
if it is true – dealers choice
if it is false – 10 burpees
while playing telephone game we did:
* plank x4
* low plank hold
* chilkut x1
* squat hold x2
* 6 inch leg hold x2

to the amphitheatre:
AMRAP with partner WWII situps for 90 seconds, flapjack
10 count 6″ leg hold around the circle
35 hammers