HIM of F3 Raleigh,

Think back to the time you were introduced to this crazy organization called F3. You were brought to your first workout (that was way too early) by a friend, colleague, or relative, and you were called an FNG. You were told you would get a nickname by the end of the workout – just try to keep it all down and push through. You get through the beatdown, you get your new identity, and you’re a part of this new brotherhood that you don’t immediately realize is exactly what you’ve been missing.

Time goes by and you find yourself realizing that this F3 thing is more than just a workout. There are core principles, there’s a credo, there are different roles across your region to accelerate men and various missions in our communities.

One of those core principles, the second to be specific, is that “F3 is open to all men.” This sounds simple enough and you completely agree, because why shouldn’t it be! Wouldn’t it be great to get to know someone in my community who has a different story than I do. Who grew up in a different place than I did. Heck, even someone who might look a little different than I do.

When we say “Open to all Men”, we need to understand what comes with that. It means that, while any and every man is welcome, we need to be open to understanding the stories of those men, the experiences of those men and understand that we’ve all ended up at the same place, but likely by very different paths.

The fifth and final core principle is that all F3 workouts “End in a Circle of Trust”. I’m sure I can speak for many that there have been COT’s where you walk away a changed man. You hear your brothers share some intimate stories or challenges that they are facing, and that the COT is the first time they’re sharing it with other people. Prayers lifted up to those who are experiencing serious medical procedures or those who have lost loved ones. The COT is a place where anything and everything goes. You share how you feel and what you feel. You engage in a dialogue and sort out any differences face to face. The COT is a special place that PAX should relish whenever they post because where else in the world are you allowed to get everything off your chest with men you trust?

As I stated earlier, what makes F3 special is that it truly is open to all men with different perspectives. The fact that individuals have particular points of view brings a perspective that may open the eyes & educate others with whom that point of view is different. We should take time to celebrate and encourage the dialogue.

If you find yourself in a situation where you disagree or want to learn more, I would encourage every brother in the gloom to consider expressing their point of view or asking the question in a COT or by having a private conversation. Social media can be a powerful platform, but using it to decelerate the F3 name & brand does not promote an environment that is “Open to all Men.” It is not acceptable to use social media platforms to defy the F3 name, brand, and core principles. This is not how High Impact Men respond to disagreements or different points of view.

While there are approximately 2,000 HIM in the greater triangle area, there are thousands more who have yet experienced what F3 has done and can do in our communities. We still have plenty of work to do and know that we must continue accelerating the mission to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. Each and every one of us is responsible for this mission and we should not take it lightly. My prayer for us is that we all can display the F3 logo, whether it be on our chests or somewhere on our vehicles, and members of our community are comforted and inspired by the sight of it.

I thank you all for taking the time to read this and act in order to invigorate our great community.

Kenny Maloney/F3 Coco Crisp