Last night YHC was checking out some old BBs from last year and reminiscing about this time last year when I was just getting cranked up with F3.  It’s funny how fast a year can go by.  I saw a couple BBs I’d written and it just reminded me how much F3 means to me.  I find some times I take things for granted, reading words I’d typed really brought me back to earth.  F3 really is awesome and it’s important for us to share this with others.  Keep putting your buddies in the EH and eventually they’ll get out here and see what it’s all about.  This morning I brought some of 2014 back into our work out.  And speaking of 2014 great to see Key West back out at the work outs this week!

The Thang…

Warm up- lap around the courts, jog down to the baseball fields, SSH X50, Plank Jacks X20, GMs X15, Merkins X30

Head over to the curb- Quick Feet X30, Slow Wide Grip Irkins X10, Little Baby Dips X10, Slow Wide Grip Durkins X10, Repeat everything but this time regular grip on the Irking and Durkins.  3rd time through QFX60 Irkins, LBDs and Durkins X15.

Jog up to the Tennis Courts- Suicides 4 Courts, Squats X50, Suicides, Squats X50 and Suicides, Squats X100.

On the Wall- Balls to the Wall Protractor Style 90 degrees X15, 45 Degrees X15.  Peoples Chair

Mary- LBCs X60, Side Plank X15 both sides.  Chillcut X 1min.

COT- Prayers for Yosef’s friend from work who lost his wife to an aneurysm.

Announcements- Q School ? on date, Convergence 3/7, Mud Run in April, F3 Chavis starting soon, F3 G-Vegas coming in March, Possible expansion in Wilson and Knightdale.  Go-Ruck Challenge likely for early summer.

Howard took us out.

Thank you again for the opportunity to lead.  It’s humbling.